MAGNITUDE 9 – Reality In Focus


Inside Out
Release Date: January 23, 2001

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The first album, Chaos To Control from 1998, never found its way to my postbox, but Reality In Focus did, and I really can’t complain much. I had to give the new record from the band based around guitar mastermind Rob Johnson and Psycho Drama singer Corey Brown a few spins, and I am glad I did. Compared to Threshold (simply because; same label, same postbox, same day), I must say I find these Americans more progressive, and not that catchy. However, the record sounds good, the instruments are treated with skilled fingers, and the songs slowly creep upon you and establish themselves in your head. Magnitude 9 is one of the leading bands from America in this genre. You better believe it. But a minus in the book is “Flight Of Icarus”, the Iron Maiden cover. I really don’t get understand the thrill of doing a song that already has been covered a dozen times.


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