ROYAL HUNT – Intervention


Release Date: December 20, 2000

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This EP is so far released in Japan only. It features a new track, “Intervention (part 1)”, or more likely half of it. While you march into the song along with the intro, Mr. Andersen’s eminent keyboard comes creeping up on you, and the whole thing explodes into a typical Royal Hunt song: Bombastic rhythms, a guitar solo, and then the fantastic vocals by John West. Apart from this attack, you will find live versions of “Flight” and “Lies” from the summer of 2000, an acoustic “Follow Me” with keys and vocals, along with another new track, “U-turn”. The latter is a mid-tempo track, also typical Royal Hunt. The song is quite good, but when I think of the expectations the guys have to live up to for the next record, I wouldn’t be surprised if this is just a filler. The livestuff on the other hand, is simply awesome. Savatage wanted John West, and I am sure he would have done a great job, but we will be glad he stayed with Royal Hunt.


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