WITCHHAMMER – The Lost Tapes


Dazed And Confused
Release Date: 2000

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Time has come to lay my head on the block. I have noticed that a lot of people on the web like this record, but honestly, it can not stand tall compared to the fantastic debut, ”1487”. I would give the latter 5 points any day, as it is a record you can not fail to mention in Norwegian Music History. The material on this silvershine is mostly demos from early nineties, and not songs the boys recently have come up with. I salute Witchhammer for making this available, and if this means that the band once again declare that there really are witches among us (I can think of a handful myself!!!), I am happy to know that. So what can I say? I suggest you get a hold of this so the guys can afford making a CD release of the debut. I really need that, as my vinyl is so heavily rotated, it looks like a flexidisc.


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