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Daily Album Premiere Monday: MISKATONIC UNION – Astral Quest

11. February 2018

If you don’t know H. P. Lovecraft (an American horror fiction author) you will miss the influence on Miskatonic Union’s music.  For example, Miskatonic is a Lovecraft creation for a fictional university in his stories.  Influence aside, is Astral Quest any good or will this Chilean band, like ....READ MORE

Daily Album Premiere Thursday: STARBLIND – Never Seen Again

21. November 2017

On the surface, Starblind seems like another Iron Maiden “sound alike” band in the vein of Attick Demons. Bands like this specialize in replicated the sound of classic New Wave of British Heavy Metal acts, but with their own original material. This is becoming more and more common, to ....READ MORE


19. August 2017

It`s been over 30 years since Thunderstick`s last album but the masked drummer is uncaged once more.  While chained up at a safe distance away, Mick Burgess caught up with the mysterious skinsman to talk about his new album Something Wicked This Way Comes, his days in Samson and the ins and outs of drumming with Iron Maiden. ....READ MORE


31. July 2017

Having just completed another leg of his latest mammoth World Tour with Iron Maiden playing some of the biggest venues available you`d have though bassist STEVE HARRIS would put his feet up and relax for a while.  Harris has other ideas and is embarking on a club tour of the UK and Europe with his side project BRITISH LION.  Mick Burgess chatted to Harris ahead of his tour to talk about his love of the more intimate venues. ....READ MORE


26. June 2017

Iron Maiden’s long awaited return to Minnesota for the Book Of Souls tour was a quick sell out.   Local fans haven’t had the opportunity see the band since their last tour stop in 2000 for the Brave New World Tour.  A crowd of over 14,000 at the Xcel Center in St. Paul had a serious case of ....READ MORE

Interview With British Lion Posted

1. September 2015

    Iron Maiden may be on downtime at the moment following the release of their new album, The Book of Souls but bassist Steve Harris was in no mood for a rest as he hit the road for a 22 date tour of the UK.     Mick Burgess had a nice chat with singer Richard Taylor before ....READ MORE
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