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Daily Album Premiere Monday: HITTEN – Twist Of Fate

26. August 2018

Hitten’s 3rd full-length album since forming in 2011 redefines the band’s sound with a new vocalist.  They admit it’s difficult to find a new vocalist, and say this vocalist sings perfectly in low range and can go for insanely high-pitched screams.  Unfortunately “going for” and ...READ MORE


1. August 2018

Following hot on the heels from last year`s Book Of Souls Tour, Iron Maiden fulfilled their promise for a swift return and tonight was the opening night of their Legacy of the Beast UK tour which has been rampaging through Europe over the preceding weeks. While last year`s tour focussed mainly on ...READ MORE

Daily Album Premiere Monday: Wretch – Reborn

22. July 2018

It’s challenging to generate excitement for an album reissue.  Wretch does so by branding their 2006 full-length debut, Reborn, as “U.S. Metal made for real gourmets”.  If using the word “gourmet” doesn’t make you skeptical, touting a cover of Breaker’s “Touch Like Thunder” as a ...READ MORE

Iron Maiden: Legacy Of The Beast Mobile Game Review

8. June 2018

Though it’s been out since 2017, mobile games publisher Nodding Frog and Heavy Metal icons Iron Maiden now consider their Iron Maiden: Legacy of The Beast mobile game to be in an “official” release state. This official release also coincides with a thirty-eight date European Iron Maiden tour, ...READ MORE

Daily Album Premiere Monday: MISKATONIC UNION – Astral Quest

11. February 2018

If you don’t know H. P. Lovecraft (an American horror fiction author) you will miss the influence on Miskatonic Union’s music.  For example, Miskatonic is a Lovecraft creation for a fictional university in his stories.  Influence aside, is Astral Quest any good or will this Chilean band, like ...READ MORE
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