Daily Album Premiere Wednesday: SQUEALER – Behind Closed Doors

by Zac Halter

  • 5.5/10
    SQUEALER – Behind Closed Doors - 5.5/10
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Germany’s Squealer describes their music as “…a melting pot of several Metal elements…Melodic Thrash Metal…groovy Rock stuff and, Heavy, Speed & Power Metal.”  For a band that has been part the Metal scene since the ’80’s, you would expect the band’s sound to be influenced and updated with contemporary technology and styles.  However, on Beyond Closed Doors, it doesn’t blend Metal elements for a cohesive sound; instead it oscillates between genres. The album is well-mixed and serves thick guitar riffs and clearly discernable vocals.

After dispensing with the unnecessary atmospheric opening track “Madnecessity”, a couple highlight tracks, “Behind Closed Doors” and “Time Goes By” set the bar high for the remainder of the album.  A study in contrasts, the former is a Thrash Metal number which bludgeons the listener and offers a catchy chorus reprieve complete with backing vocals. The latter is a Power Metal tune that would not seem out of place on a Gamma Ray album.  The next three songs employ varied elements such as odd time signatures and menacing 90s Death Metal vocals but the songs fail to hook.  “Brainwash” is a solid Thrash Metal burner setting the album back on track and features a clever bass guitar bridge which segues into a guitar solo. “Fate” begins with a bit of Metallica’s “Welcome Home (Sanitarium)” intro before crushing it with its main riff; it features a spacious and heavy Melodic Metal structure with varied bridges and lyrical interjections.

Stylistically, Beyond Closed Doors is a varied experience.  The song writing and musicianship are commendable. There are enough highlights to be recommended for fans of Melodic Thrash Metal and Power Metal.


Track list:

1. Madnecessity

2. Behind Closed Doors

3. Time Goes By

4. Dream Shot

5. Foolish Man’s Invasion

6. Into The Past

7. Brainwash

8. Fate

9. Modern World Maniacs

10. Worlds Collide

11. M:O:T:M

 Band Members:

Lars Döring (guitars)

Michael Schiel (guitars)

Sebastian Werner (vocals)

Manuel Roth (bass)

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