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Label: Frontiers Music Srl
Release date: June 7, 2024

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AOR vocalist ISSA, also known as Isabell Øversveen, is celebrating the release of her eighth studio album, Another World (2024). Much like her previous albums, it’s simply a throwback to ‘80s Melodic Rock with enchanting vocals and loads of Pop hooks. Produced and mixed by Martin Bros Productions, solely consisting of James and Tom Martin, Another World is sonically and lyrically similar to Nitrate’s Feel the Heat (2023), which the brothers produced and mixed, as well. Both ISSA and Nitrate are part of the ‘80s Melodic Rock revival movement that’s currently taking place in European countries. There are bands resembling Bon Jovi, Journey, Def Leppard, Toto, Heart, REO Speedwagon, Foreigner, and the list goes on continuously.

Sonically Amazing, But Lasting Impact is Uncertain

The album, Another World, kicks off with the lustful and captivating rocker, “Armed & Dangerous.” The next track, “All These Wild Nights,” is a solid rocker that makes great use of the cowbell during the verses and overall, highlights ISSA’s vocal prowess. “Never Sleep Alone” speeds things up a bit. With a thumping bass line, it’s a driving song that requires leaving the windows down while cruising on a highway. “Kick of Fire” is very modern sounding, upbeat, and loaded with Pop hooks. “A Second Life” is a positive and uplifting, mid-paced rocker with a great chorus. “The Hardest Fight” has an attitude and it’s edgy, making it easily the hidden gem on the album.

Those are the highlights of Another World. However, the most crucial drawback of the album is that it sounds generic. Play any Melodic Rock album that’s been released within the past 20 years and they all sound the same. They’re loaded with synths, the vocals are clean and pleasant on the ears, they have larger-than-life production values, and the melodies are infectious. Another World is not a terrible album at all, but because of the current ‘80s Melodic Rock movement, there are loads of AOR bands begging for attention. Going back to Nitrate’s Feel the Heat, Another World isn’t much different from that record, except for the female lead vocals.

Final Assessment

Again, Another World is not terrible. But, with so many ‘80s throwback bands appearing from left and right, it’s important for artists to make themselves stand out from the competition. Even though the songs sonically sound amazing and are catchy as heck, do they have staying power? Only time will tell.

Album Tracklist

  1. Armed & Dangerous
  2. All These Wild Nights
  3. Only in the Dark
  4. Never Sleep Alone
  5. The Road to Victory
  6. Another World
  7. Kick of Fire
  8. Got a Hold On Me
  9. A Second Life
  10. The Hardest Fight
  11. Lost & Lonely

Band Lineup

Issa – lead vocals
James Martin – synths and BVs
Tom Martin – guitars, bass guitar, and BVs
Leon Robert Winteringham – guitars and BVs

Additional Musicians

Melvin Brannon Jr.
Steve Grocott
Dennis Butabi Borg
Josh Tabbie Williams
Robert Sall
Phil O Dea
Colin Parkinson
Pete Newdeck


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