MIKE ODD (MAC SABBATH): “Their Message Seems To Be More Important Than Ever”

Mac Sabbath band photo
Photo: Jeremy Saffer

Comedic Parody band Mac Sabbath are set to tour across North America this Fall along with Cybertronic Spree, and Playboy Manbaby. Mac Sabbath’s manager Mike Odd took the time to talk with Metal Express Radio about the upcoming tour, receiving praise from Ozzy Osbourne, the following Mac Sabbath has developed, and more. Check out the chat below!

Metal Express Radio: Mac Sabbath will be touring North America this Fall along with The Cybertronic Spree, and Playboy Manbaby, what are your expectations on the upcoming tour?

Odd: As the manager of Mac Sabbath, I can tell you we are all crazy excited to have built this particular carnival of the crazed that will be presented this year. It is very important that you see all the acts from beginning to end and not try to view one ring of a 3 ring circus. To see what this team of people will present in its entirety will be the night to remember. Anything else would be like walking into the middle of a movie.

MER: You also have numerous festivals lined up, how do you feel about the band’s busy schedule?

Odd: Festivals, cruises and horror cons OH MY! Busy is an understatement, These are 12 hour work days to set up a production like this with driving from state to state in between for 2 months solid. There will be no sleep, there will be no compromise, there will be no sanity. All you can do is close your eyes and dive into the abyss and return to normalcy as we know it at the scheduled season to follow.

MER: How is it handling Mac Sabbath’s  own shows versus playing to a different crowd such as a festival?

Odd: Headlining is an entirely different animal. The band has more control and can put on the desired full set and full theatrical stage show experience that is Mac Sabbath. You have not really experienced MAC SABBATH until you have seen a show where they are in complete control of your mind, body and soul. This tour could be your unique opportunity to experience such a life changing experience for yourself and loved ones. I can’t tell you how many people have told me, “It was completely different than I thought it would be. I had no idea!” On the other hand when Mac is playing a large festival for unsuspecting passersby that have no knowledge that such a ridiculous and  fantastic thing could exist you can’t describe that moment when they win over a crowd that didn’t know at all what to think. Watching the energy of thousands change and morph into an ecstatic, laughing, rocking positive force together. They never know what hit them. Even a scaled down show that cosmic frenetic energy is impossible to beat.

MER: What do you see as plans for Mac Sabbath for 2024?

Odd: Oh we have plans. Very secret plans. Plans that are very important to keep wraps on. Plans that will change your very existence. Plans the world is not yet ready for.

MER: Are there any Black Sabbath songs you hope to see Mac Sabbath to put their own twist to that they haven’t and why?

Odd: Ronald keeps us in the dark about all that. I hear whisperings of mystical magical themes mixing with delicious delectable debauchery. But any spoilers would certainly assure me an early grave. I won’t hold my breath for ‘Sandwich Bloody Sandwich.’

MER: Are there any other parody band’s that you’d hope to see Mac Sabbath tour with that you haven’t yet and why?

Odd: Ronald Osbourne is actually quite put off by the other Drive-thru metal bands “stealing food out of our mouths” as he puts it. He is quite defensive of the genre he created and won’t stop going on about how KFC/DC, Iron Maidenny’s and Cinnabon Jovi are not organic and are destroying our environment with plastic efforts and such. So I don’t know if it will happen until the Mickey Dio years?

MER: Is there any other band besides Mac Sabbath you could see yourself working with?

Odd: Mac Sabbath has teased crowds by hinting at songs by Pantera Bread, Spinal Tapplebee’s, Twisted Sizzler and even Mac Flag, but they always stop short to prove some sort of point. I have heard an entire song by Motörhead and Shoulders. I guess shampoo Metal is ok?

MER: What was your reaction to receiving Ozzy Osbourne’s praise of Mac Sabbath?

Odd: When I saw that I was in tears. I mean as hard as it is dealing with an unstable time traveling delusional clown to see his philosophy and the whole band’s hard work and mission appreciated by the Prince of Darkness himself made me really feel like Mac has made a difference in this world and will go on to do truly great things. Plus it was just so damn bad ass!

MER: Did you ever envision Mac Sabbath developing such a following? 

Odd: Never in all my days could I have imagined something that appealed to my weirdo self the way Mac Sabbath does, would attract the masses. What’s even better news is their message seems to be more important than ever and it’s spreading fast. I can remember years ago hearing Ronald say things like. “Time is very fragile, if you are not careful, soon Fast food companies will have robots that will  feed all of you plastic and destroy your reproductive organs, forcing you to buy babies in factories.” At this time I just thought him insane but now, much of this might be coming to fruition. Perhaps not unlike Aldous Huxley, maybe Ronald Osbourne is a visionary that will save us from a dystopian apocalypse caused by a brave new world of toxic fast food monsters or perhaps he is just a crazed clown that was good for a few yucks?


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  1. Mac Sabbath would be cool to see in Minnesota on their tour. Also Mac Sabbath is playing with Cybertronic Spree witch is a transformers rock group.

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