KARDINAL SIN – s.a.l.i.g.i.a

KARDINAL SIN - s.a.l.i.g.i.a album cover
  • 7.5/10
    KARDINAL SIN - s.a.l.i.g.i.a - 7.5/10


Label: Massacre Records
Release date: March 3, 2023

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Starting as an Accept cover band in 2003 under the name Rough Diamond, Kardinal Sin seems to have now adopted their ultimate form with the release of their third album s.a.l.i.g.i.a.
If you skipped Latin at school or your catechism classes, the name “Saligia” is the Latin abbreviation of the seven deadly sins according to Christianity. This litany means: Superbia, Avaritia, Luxuria, Invidia, Gluttony, Ira and Acedia (Pride, Greed, Lust, Envy, Gluttony, Wrath and Sloth.) The theme of this album is the end of the modern world caused by human malevolence. With this eschatologist perspective, the Swedish band offers still a qualitative Melodic Power Metal album full of catchy riffs.

Seven Deadly Sins

Overall s.a.l.i.g.i.a is an interesting and well-wrought album with a slightly old-fashioned and classic sound. This is probably because of Daniel “Danne” Wickerman, who sounds a lot like Michael Kiske of Helloween. The two guitars’ dynamic also gives off an impression of nostalgia.

Despite the dramatic tone s.a.l.i.g.i.a is surprisingly entertaining and at times almost joyful, from the joy and relief you could feel when you’ve accepted that everything will die and there’s nothing that can be done: a hopeful Memento Mori. Amongst these catchy songs, you will find the single “They Crashed In The Storm” and “Siege Of Jerusalem”. For a more melancholic atmosphere, you will prefer the title track “Saligia” and “It’s the beginning of the end”. Thanks to the keyboards and orchestration “Devastation” deserves a mention as well.

Final Thoughts

s.a.l.i.g.i.a is a very good album that deserves a place on your shelf if you enjoy Melodic Power Metal. Kardinal Sin manages to develop a classic sound straight out of the ’80s with still modern concerns and influences making you feel that if the world is ending, at least the soundtrack is nice.

s.a.l.i.g.i.a – Tracklisting

  1. They Crashed In The Storm
  2. The Beginning Of The End
  3. Siege Of Jerusalem
  4. Lost Imperium (Wasteland Symphony Part.2)
  5. Reveal The Sinners Soul
  6. s.a.l.i.g.i.a
  7. In The Line Of Fire
  8. Devastation
  9. The Velvet Lies
  10. The Aftermath (Wasteland Symphony Part.3)


Hannu Viita – Bass
Mikael “Aspen” Asp Drums – Vocals (backing)
Thomas “Geson” Gustafsson – Keyboards, Vocals (backing)
Daniel “Danne” Wikerman – Vocals
Sophie Conte – Guitars, Vocals (backing)
Joakim “Jocke” Vähätalo – Guitars


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