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    THE KILLERHERTZ - Starburst - 9.2/10


Label: Independent
Release date: October 7, 2022

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Danish Heavy Metal trio, The Killerhertz on their fourth studio album, Starburst, recorded at Earplug Studios.


The Killerhertz are a Danish Heavy Metal group from just outside of Copenhagen. Formed by longtime friends, Thomas Trold and Kent Killerhertz, they teamed up with bassist Jakob Nielsen
to form this Hard Rock trio dating back to 2011. The Killerhertz draw from many sources of inspiration, but heartache and pain seem to be an easily noticed force on the new album, Starburst. This Danish group will be releasing their fourth studio album, Starburst (2022), to add to their growing list of heavy hitting albums such as Innocent Sinners –EP (2020), A Mirrors
Portrait (2017), and A Killer Anthem (2014), all of which were recorded at Earplug Studios. The two latest recording broke away slightly by being mixed and mastered by Niklas Sonne at Sonne


Starburst, The Killerhertz’s fourth album, breaks away from the traditional model of their previous albums in the fact that this new offering has a sort of storyline to it. From the first song, “The Wait for Closure,” you get the sense of a person that seems to have lost all direction. As the album continues, so does the story and experience of the person whom the story is dealing with. Towards the end of the album, the main character appears to have found themselves again and refocuses on life itself.

The album Starburst is a great combination of vocals from Thomas Trold and steady drums from Kent Killerhertz. When these melodies are mixed with the piano on “Dying Beliefs” it adds a depth to the Hard Rock sound that The Killerhertz have been known for on previous albums.

Overall, The Killerhertz have a great album in Starburst. From the very first song, “The Wait for Closure” all the way through the final track, “Distant Thunder.” Thomas’s clean vocals along with Kent’s relentless drum beats and Jakob’s bass will have you singing along to this record in no time.

Do yourself a favor and check out this band if you’re not familiar with their work.


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