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    THE HUMAN TORNADO - Love Is Dèmodè - 7/10


Label: Rockshots Records
Release date: March 11, 2022

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Happy Valentine’s Day…or not

If Rhapsody Of Fire is the only band that comes to mind when you think of Italy, you are missing a lot. Italians have much more to offer and in different genres as well. The Human Tornado may borrow its name from a cheesy ’80s movie, but they do not succumb to the cheesiness of their counterpart. Modern, catchy and punchy, they deliver solid Heavy Metal with Hard Rock influences.

Love is Dèmodè (why are the accents backwards?) is The Human Tornado’s second album, a few years after the gritty Storm In A Ketchup. The trademark of The Human Tornado is this mix of hard and heavy riffs, gritty vocals with good screams that retain a sense of melody and groove. This time, the album explores the different forms love can take.

Love is awful but that’s alright

“It’s never too late” is a rather good opening for this album, both punchy and melodic. “Dreamland” has also this very groovy Rock N’ Roll aftertaste. The vocals are well balanced between the raucous and clear sides. The production is overall sharp and clean. The first three songs are well executed and bring nuances to their reflection on Love, with a growing nostalgia. “Free” and “Great Unknown” have some elements of ballads, but they never quite get soft enough to do just that and Love Is Dèmodè remains very much in the same Heavy Metal atmosphere. “Black Mind Hole”, with a slightly progressive side, is perhaps the highlight at the end of the album, a fitting conclusion to a pleasant journey.

A Taste of Reality

Feeding upon the dark and violent feelings in us all, Love Is Dèmodè is a fine album, with plenty of good moments and ideas. The mix of influences shows the band does not lack skill. Perhaps the only downside would be the density of the album. It seems The Human Tornado has not yet completely unleashed its power, and perhaps just a touch of madness would allow them to get to another level. However, these compositions may find more depth on stage.


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