RHAPSODY OF FIRE – Glory For Salvation

RHAPSODY OF FIRE - Glory For Salvation
  • 7/10
    RHAPSODY OF FIRE - Glory For Salvation - 7/10


Label: AFM Music
Release date: November 26, 2021

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The year 2021 is slowly coming to an end. The weather on the northern hemisphere is getting bleaker and bleaker with every passing day. Those who can take some time off work and can afford travelling (and got their vaccine) are free to travel somewhere further down south so they’re closer to the Equator and thus they can enjoy a weather far less miserable than otherwise. But what about those who cannot travel… well, there are multiple options. November is the perfect time to sit at home and just be grateful for not having to be outside. But those who cannot stand November and want it to finally become the proper winter… as much as they cannot travel forward in time, they can put on some music that brings some desolate, wintry landscapes to mind. There are countless examples of bands that make such music, and one of them is Rhapsody of Fire, formerly known as just Rhapsody. Glory for Salvation, which is going to be their 13th release is coming out by the end of November 2021, so as much as the year may be near its end, there are some hot news there still, at least as far as Symphonic Power Metal is concerned.

The opening song titled “Son of Vengeance” starts with a complex keyboard intro and slowly is it building up until the lead guitar comes in. Glory for Salvation is the second chapter of The Nephilim’s Empire Saga, being the first saga conceived since the departure of the iconic guitarist and founding member Luca Turilli. It is also the second album to feature Giacomo Voli on the vocals. He stepped in for the long-term singer Fabio Lione in 2017 and he does not need to be a copy of Fabio Lione since he’s doing great being the original Giacomo Voli.

It can be definitely noticed that Alex Staropoli, who has been the only founding member left since the departure of Luca Turilli back in 2012, has taken over as the mastermind of the group. The keyboards get more and more sophisticated with every album and that can be heard in every song. Not always is it a good thing as sometimes the rhythmic section (bass in particular) is really quiet and can make the listener think of the infamous (in this respect) …And Justice For All by Metallica. Turn up that bass! This concerns the sixth track “Abyss of Pain” among others… which happens to be a very decent song overall. With almost 11 minutes at length and a very Nordic sound to it, as well as huge diversity as far as instrumentation goes, it could be one of the best track on this album. The vocalist definitely does show some versatility in this one – instead of typical Power Metal singers, he’s much more like Dani Filth here. And that is a great addition to the whole song, whether someone likes Cradle of Filth or not. But yes, with the bass turned a bit higher up this song could be even better. But there are also such songs as “Magic Sins” (track 9) here, where the bass can be heard much better.

Despite the aforementioned change, Rhapsody of Fire have not lost the style that has been their unique one since their debut release Legendary Tales. This wintry, enigmatic feeling can be heard on almost every song off Glory for Salvation, but if there is one that beats the rest in that regard, it is the 4th track “Eternal Snow”. These woodwinds may be so odd they’re eerie… yet they suit everything perfectly. That element of Folk music only adds up the magic, like in “Terial the Hawk” which may be the best track on the album, as long as one does not mind Folk music. The album is concluded with one song played twice, but in two different languages. It’s always beautiful and kind of heartwarming when a band from a non-English speaking country that has most of their creative output in English releases a song in their language. Here the excitement gets doubled as the final song can be heard in Italian (as “Un Ode Per L’Eroe”) and Spanish (“La Esencia del un Rey).

To sum things up, Rhapsody don’t disappoint. They may go through multiple lineup changes like many bands, but their style remains intact to a large extent. Their debut and most recent album may be almost quarter of a century apart, but it looks like Rhapsody will be Rhapsody no matter what. Those who don’t care about the names excessively and are fine with Rhapsody (of Fire) without Luca, Fabio and other former members onboard will definitely dig Glory for Salvation. And as for those who do… this album may make them change their mind.


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