PHIL LABONTE (ALL THAT REMAINS): “It Was A Good Time To Be From Massachusetts And Play With Some Of The Best Musicians Around”

Philip Labonte
Photo: Kasey Jean Noll

It has been 15 years since New England Metalcore pioneers All That Remains released their fourth album The Fall of Ideas. All That Remains’ frontman, Philip Labonte, took the time to talk with Metal Express Radio about the touring cycle for the album, looking back at its release, the band’s plans for the future, and more. Check out the chat below!

Metal Express Radio: It’s been 15 years since the band released The Fall of Ideals, how does it feel looking back since the release?

Labonte: It’s crazy, when we did the record I didn’t know if we would do a fourth record. And we had struggled for a while so for things to come together like that and lay the ground work for the next 15 years is amazing and humbling.

MER: How would you compare this to the band’s other albums?

Labonte: Since I’m in the band it’s hard for me to “pick a favorite” etc. But it is something I’m super proud of and incredibly happy that it touched so many people.

MER: What song would you suggest someone to start off with for someone that’s unfamiliar with the album?

Labonte: I think “This Calling” gives you a good idea of the sound this record has. It’s got the aggression, it’s got melody, it probably doesn’t convey how technical the record can get but the speed and ferocity and melody are all there.

MER: Would you ever see the band playing The Fall Of Ideals in its entirety?

Labonte: I imagine this will happen sooner rather than later.

MER: What were some memorable tours for the album?

Labonte: The first headliner we did for the record was amazing. It was with The Human Abstract and Misery Signals and Cellador! We did Warped Tour right before Overcome came out and that was a really great time as summer festivals back then used to be.

MER: How have you and  the band been able to keep busy during the pandemic?

Labonte: Mike and I have started streaming on Twitch a few times a week and Jason Richardson is working on a solo record. We’re gonna start doing an ATR record very soon for a release sometime next year.

MER: What can fans expect from the follow-up to Victim of the New Disease?

Labonte: Heavy and technical I think is what we’re shooting for.

MER: There has been a number of bands from the New Wave of American Metal that are still together along with All That Remains. How was it to not only be a part of that movement but to see yourself and your peers still together?

Labonte: I don’t think about it too much but it’s cool to think we were a small part of Metal history. It was a good time to be from Massachusetts and play with some of the best musicians around. I’m really lucky to have lived that.

MER: Thanks for your time and stay safe and healthy!


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