WINTERHERZ (WALDGEFLÜSTER): “This Is Probably Our Most Coherent Record Up To Date”


German Black Metal outfit Waldgeflüster are set to release their sixth full length album titled Dahoam on Friday September 24th. Waldgeflüster‘s front man Winterherz took the time to talk with Metal Express Radio about the concept behind Dahoam, the writing and recording process for the album, various parts of Germany the band has played, and more. Check out the chat below!

Metal Express Radio: The bands sixth studio album Dahoam is set to be released Friday September 24th, what can you tell fans about the new album?

Winterherz: Dahoam is a concept record dealing with the term “home”. Belonging, identity, exclusion, otherization. What is home and who gets to call it that? Why is something considered typical or local and how can we make a place our own? It is rooted in the landscape of Upper Bavaria, and written in its dialect, but the questions we tried to explore are universal and should be understandable for everyone. Each song is named after a specific location from the area where we live.

MER: How was the writing and recording process having this be the band’s sixth album?

Winterherz: We started writing Dahoam in the end of 2019. Usually I start with some riffs, then I’ll show those to the others and we work from there in my home recording studio until we have a demo production of a song. When we finished all the writing, we started recording the guitars and bass in my studio every now and then. We are in a lucky position that we can do that kind of recording over the span of weeks and do not need to book a studio for a certain time. In autumn 2020, we recorded the drums in a professional studio near where we live, and in spring 2021 we went into the famous Klangschmiede Studio E to record the vocals and let Markus Stock mix and master the finished record.

MER: The band released a single for the song “Am Tatzlwurm,” do you feel like this song gives fans a good idea of what to expect from the album?

Winterherz: We think so, although it is the darkest and fastest song on this record. But it showcases also the quiet moments, of which we have several on this album as well.

MER: How would you compare this to the bands other five albums?

Winterherz: This is probably our most coherent record to date. It tells a story and the songs flow into each other. It also has the best production. In terms of music, I think it goes a bit back to the beginning of Waldgeflüster and has a lot of those early 2000 German Black Metal riffs, with which I started back then. There are less Post Rock Elements than on our past two records I think. As always we also tried to incorporate some elements we have not used before, this time it’s the dulcimer, that is adding another element to our sound.

MER: Being from Germany, how is the Metal scene over there compared to everywhere else the band has toured?

Winterherz: To be honest, we mainly toured the German speaking part of Europe so far, except from a couple of shows in other parts of Europe and one show in the US. But those couple of occasions are not enough to compare the scenes of those countries to our own. Obviously there are differences. There are even differences in the scene between Southern Germany and Northern Germany.

MER: What would be your ideal tour lineup whether it be headlining or supporting?

Winterherz: I think a tour with our Panopticon, Falls of Rauros and Woman is the Earth would be insane. Not only would that be an incredible package, where I would want to watch the other bands each night, but those bands are also good friends of us, so we would have the time of our life probably.

MER: The band has a small hand full of shows following the album’s release, what are your expectations on the upcoming shows?

Winterherz: No expectations. I just hope we didn’t get rusty in this past year without shows. Let’s see if we have it still in us.

MER: For anyone that is unfamiliar with the band what is one album you would suggest someone to start off with?

Winterherz: I guess at this point it would be Dahoam. I think this is the record that is the most approachable up to now. If you get this record and it is something for you, one can dig deeper into our back catalog. But be prepared, our music takes time.

MER: With 2021 almost over, what do you see for the band in 2022?

Winterherz: I really hope for some shows, especially some summer festivals. Would love to play the new songs for the people. But I guess we will start writing new material as well soon.

MER: Since forming in 2005, what have been some of your favorite memories with the band?

Winterherz: Definitely playing in the US at the Ostarablot in 2016. Such a great experience. Also the Summer Breeze shows were something I will remember forever.

MER: Thanks for your time and stay safe on the road!

Winterherz: Thank you for the support!


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