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    ATTACK OF THE RISING - Game Changer - 6.5/10


Label: Weapon Records / Vanity Music Groups
Release date: July 30, 2021

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Time flies like crazy. It was whole four decades ago now when such bands as Metallica, Slayer or Red Hot Chili Peppers were formed. For many, early 80s may feel as if they were yesterday. But with every single day that passes, they become more and more distant. Back in those fabulous times, coming up with a cool band name was much easier than it is today… mostly because the really cool names weren’t taken yet. There is more to bands’ names than meets the eye for sure. Not everyone out there knows that Slayer also stands for Satan Laughs And You Eternally Rot. The point of this whole ramble is to show that coming up with a cool band name these days is no small feat and most of the simple and catchy names are associated with bands that have been around for a long while. But luckily the name Attack of the Rising was still fine to take back in 2014 when a bunch of guys in LA decided to form a new band. Here’s their second record and first longplay titled Game Changer.

So those who are hoping to hear about influences coming from the aforementioned bands… their stuff is almost anything but what this album sounds like. If there is a legendary band this album could be compared to, it sure is Judas Priest. The singer who’s doing a really good job does sound like someone who appreciates the vocals skills of Rob Halford and Tim Owens. That’s what can be said after listening to the opening track “On the Horizon”. There are some tasty harmonic minor solos there as well. It is decent, although it possibly could do with a bit fatter sound which would result with more heaviness overall… but it seems unlikely that this album was intended to sound heavy as hell.

Other songs follow and things don’t change a lot: it is much like when Judas Priest meets Alternative Rock. Fans of old school Metal may not dig this stuff a lot, but perhaps it is some great tunage for those who like to chill on the hot summer streets of LA while having some cold beers or skating around. Definitely not the kind of stuff one would go all crazy for in the pit. But here comes the fourth track “Burning Daylight” and one thing about it that is noteworthy is the exposed bass line in the breakdown. Best moment on the album so far and the whole song’s really got some groove that can make one move. Yes, this also brings the first three album by Iron Maiden to mind, especially The Number of the Beast. But again: this is nothing like Maiden wannabes – just a bit of a Maiden feel to it. Time to tune in for the fifth track which happens to be the longest one on this record. Another breakdown with some nice bass in it, that is to be dug for sure! The track as a whole can make the listener think of some East Coast Thrash bands such as Overkill, but with a lot more of a Punk sound to it, perhaps a bit of Bad Religion or Dead Kennedys. Vocals are not abound in that one, but it is a good track nonetheless.

The album grooves on until the final track titled “Voodoo” is reached. This one has a more Alternative Rock sound to it, it’s something fans of Papa Roach or maybe even Red Hot Chili Peppers (think of the song “Can’t Stop”) might wanna give a blast. And so it ends. All in all, Game Changer is an interesting record and there certainly are many people out there who enjoy this very kind of not too heavy and groovy Metal. It doesn’t need to make you want to do the most epic wall of death the world has ever witnessed… as long as it grooves it may come in useful even for those who like their things heavy, brutal and what not. And it is possible that these songs just emanate the spirit of LA in the summer… so those who have never been to LA have just been given yet another reason to give Game Changer a listen. Life is all about expanding one’s horizons. Would have been rather boring having to listen to yet another band that is a Motörhead or Iron Maiden rip-off (those are abound!)


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