EPICA – Omega

EPICA - Omega
  • 9/10
    EPICA - Omega - 9/10


Nuclear Blast Records
Release date: February 26, 2021

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Epic Symphonic Metal

Dutch metallers Epica have released their 10th album titled Omega, and it delivers everything you could hope for in an epic Symphonic Metal album. This is not surprising considering their stable lineup, with Mark Jansen (Mayan, ex-After Forever) on guitars and grunts, Simone Simons (ex-Sahara Dust) on vocals, and Coen Janssen (Amahiru) on keyboards all together since 2002. With drummer Ariën van Weesenbeek (Mayan, ex-Down Till Dawn) joining in 2007, lead guitarist Isaac Delahaye (ex-Down Till Dawn, ex-Edgecrusher) in 2009, and bassist Rob Van Der Loo (Freak Neil Inc., ex-Soulcatcher) in 2012, it shows in the mature compositions on Omega.

Writing as a Team

Though some bands exist without great friendships between band members, that can’t be said of Epica. When creating Omega, the band all came together for the first time in years.  They congregated in a villa in the pastoral beauty of rural Holland, setting up their temporary studio in several rooms. For one intense week of renewed bonding and creativity, they accumulated their ideas, they jammed, they wrote, they discussed. Above all, they just spent time together as friends. Just like in the old days before the members scattered across four countries. That friendship comes through in the tightness of the performances, and the quality of the compositions.

Top Tracks

It’s difficult to single out any one track, considering the fact that Omega plays like a complete Heavy Metal opera. “Abyss of Time – Countdown to Singularity” kicks off the album with great energy as Beautiful vocals are accented with aggressive grunts over strong anthemic metal themes. The songs middle 8 plays great as the guitars are riffing in a dark mode, which really makes the return to the chorus even more powerful. The middle-eastern themed “Seal of Solomon” truly captures the mood and feel, transporting the listener into another world. The band lives up to their name with “Kingdom of Heaven prt 3 – The Antediluvian Universe”, a 13+ minute masterpiece of the genre.

Final Notes

The production values are through the roof with the Prague Philharmonic and children’s choir adding to the magic that is Omega. Mark Jansen and company have come together as friends and created something special that deserves a place in every Symphonic Metal fans collection. So early in the year, but definitely a top 11 candidate for 2021.



Simone Simons – Vocals
Mark Jansen – Guitars & Growls
Isaac Delahaye – Guitars
Coen Janssen – Synth & Piano
Ariën Van Weesenbeek – Drums
Rob Van Der Loo – Bass

Omega – Tracklist

1. Alpha – Anteludium
2. Abyss of Time – Countdown to Singularity
3. The Skeleton Key
4. Seal of Solomon
5. Gaia
6. Code of Life
7. Freedom – The Wolves Within
8. Kingdom of Heaven prt 3 – The Antediluvian Universe
9. Rivers
10. Synergize – Manic Manifest
11. Twilight Reverie – The Hypnagogic State
12. Omega – Sovereign of the Sun Spheres


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