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Release date: October 9, 2020

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An Epic Power Metal Odyssey

Greek power metal group Fortress Under Siege presents a familiar brand of power metal that quite often follows the Gamma Ray aesthetic, betting on Speed Metal-inspired riffs, competent and effective singing, dueling guitars and a strong focus on melodies with a pinch of Prog. Highlights in the band’s career include opening for German Traditional Heavy Metal band Accept and headlining two festivals in Greece.

Formed in 1992, Fortress Under Siege’s story is an Odyssey of its own accord. The band has released a first mini-CD recorded in 1996, later splitting up in 1998, only to reunite in 2010 and finally releasing their full-length debut The Mortal Flesh of Love in 2011, and Phoenix Rising in 2014.

The recordings for Atlantis, the group’s third and latest outing, were no less challenging, with the band going through 3 different vocalists during the process, culminating on Tasos Lazaris stepping down from his guitar duties to focus on singing as the band’s new front man. Fortress Under Siege also added rhythm guitarist Themis Gourlis to the formation.

Third Time Is a Charm

In Atlantis, the band’s style is presented through a catalog of 12 songs with competent production that reveals the band’s energy. While it does feel like a rather long listen based on the variety on offer, the album definitely has its high moments. With lyrical themes ranging from Hellenic mythology to Conan the Barbarian and Vikings, but also addressing social-sensitive subjects such as bullying and overprotecting mothers, Atlantis shows more versatility on the lyrical side than it does in the compositions.

Atlantis – Album Breakdown

The opening track, “Love Enforcer,” presents a banger of a riff, building upon it with incredible momentum, and showcasing the band’s ability to create inspired melodies. The title track, “Atlantis” adds spice by throwing in some elements of Progressive Metal, without ever going fully prog, but offering interesting dissonant harmonies and epic orchestration.

While the Gamma Ray influence is perhaps the strongest presence throughout the record, Symphony X, Edguy, and other Power / Prog greats come to mind while listening to Atlantis. Fortunately, Fortress Under Siege never gives in to the temptation of simply copying their influences, offering their own spin on popular Power Metal formulas.

Other highlights include “Lords of Death” with its multi-layered and unique sounding vocal harmonies, The Edguy inspired track “Seventh Son” featuring one of the best vocal performances in the album by singer Tasos Lazaris and is another great moment. The ballad “The Road Unknown” offers a much-needed break from the band’s bombastic double bass drum and twin guitars assault, showing a different side of Fortress Under Siege’s songwriting.


Fans of Fortress Under Siege’s prior work will find a strong shift in Atlantis away from the Trashier and Proggier elements found in the band’s earlier discography. While Atlantis shies away from experimentation more than its predecessors, it finds the band succeeding more often at creating music that will please a wider, Power Metal focused audience. An interesting listen nonetheless, both for fans of Iron Savior, Edguy, or Gamma Ray, as well as existing fans.


  • Tasos Lazaris – Vocals
  • Fotis Sotiropoulos – Lead Guitars
  • Themis Gourlis – Rhythm Guitars
  • George Georgiou – Keyboards
  • Alex Stavrakas – Bass
  • Dimitris Kapoukakis – Drums


  1. Love Enforcer
  2. Lords of Death
  3. Atlantis
  4. Holding a Breath
  5. Silence of Our Words
  6. Vengeance
  7. Seventh Son
  8. Lethe
  9. Spartacus
  10. Hector’s Last Fight
  11. Time For Rage
  12. The Road Unknown


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