AMON SETHIS – Part 0: The Queen With Golden Hair

AMON SETHIS - Part 0: The Queen With Golden Hair
  • 9.5/10
    AMON SETHIS - Part 0: The Queen With Golden Hair - 9.5/10


Label: Wormholedeath
Rerelease date: October 22, 2021

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Mountains and Pyramids

Originated from Grenoble (France), Amon Sethis evolves in a Progress Power Metal register, with oriental music orchestrations. Drawing inspiration from ancient Egyptian history: the discography of Amon Sethis tells the legendary tales of the 7th pharaonic dynasty. The story is narrated in English, with passages, in Hebrew, ancient Egyptian and Arabic dialects. (See! Even ancient language enthusiasts are not forgotten.)

This third album Part 0: The Queen With Golden Hair, is the prequel to their first two albums (Part 1: The Prophecy, and Part 2: The Final Struggle.) While their first efforts undoubtedly showed promises and skills in composition and storytelling, The Queen With Golden Hair takes the band and their music to a whole new level.

Into the desert storm

Amon Sethis will take you on an epic journey through Egypt, at the frontier of history and mythology. You will both contemplate the desert infinity, carried by sensual tunes, and dive into the turmoils of a tortured time with aggressive riffs and raging choruses. The tale of Nitocris is a tale of power, violence, love and vengeance.

Furthermore, the crystal-clear production highlights both the sharp riffs and soli. As well as the fretless bass lines, emphasizes the theatrical aspect of the songs. The work on the vocals is more developed than on the previous albums with varied registers and nuances, from aerial melodies (“Eternal Love”) to combative anthems (“The Rise of Aoutef’s Army”). This album displays a great internal coherence and you should listen to it in one go and immerse yourself in the story. The orchestral versions (on the Bonus CD of this re-edition) deserves an honourable mention.

A Progressive Power Metal gem

Building upon their previous achievements, Amon Sethis got rid of the rough edges of their first endeavours and adopted shorter song patterns. However, they preserved a definite progressive dimension. Over an hour-long, this complex concept album might be challenging at first but will ultimately charm you and you will need time to appreciate all of it. Don’t miss out on this rerelease!

Best songs: Osiris God of the Dead, Lost in The West, Desert Storm.


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