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  • 7.7/10
    SORTILÈGE - Apocalypso - 7.7/10


Label: Verycords
Release date: March 3, 2023

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While NWBHM was conquering the world, many countries saw similar movements grow up on the local stage. Thus, in Paris, Sortilège was born, inspired by the greatest and trying to find their place amongst them. Between 1983 and 1986 (the year of their separation) the band released three albums that over the years became both classics for Heavy Metal connoisseurs with solid compositions despite cliché lyrics.

Surprisingly the band came back in 2019 for a series of shows but split up just afterwards. In 2021 one version of Sortilège led by the singer Christian “Zouille” Augustin released Phoenix, a compilation of re-recorded classic songs. The one who would be the French Rob Halford recruited a brand new lineup with the notable addition of the maestro Bruno Ramos from Manigance on guitars. This was a good way to freshen up good songs and bring the band into an era of modernity. The real treat, however, is this brand-new record Apocalypso.

Apocalypse Now…

“Poseidon” is a very strong opening for the album and it bodes well for the rest. This first song brings a more Power Metal vibe, probably the influence of Bruno Ramos. You can also hear this newfound sound on the aggressive “Valkyrie” and on “Le Sacre du Sorcier”. This catchy tune reminds of “La Huitième couleur de l’arc-en-ciel.”

The contribution of Stephane Buriez from Loudblast on “Attila” makes the chorus even more unifying. The drum works deserve an honourable mention on this track as well.
On the more Hard and Heavy side, you will find “La Parades Des Centaures” and “Vampires” that are not as inspired as the others. “Encore un jour” is the only ballad on the album. But it doesn’t quite reach the level of “Quand un aveugle rêve.”

There is a definite epic vibe to this record. “Derrière les portes de Babylone” is a solid song with a classic and heavy rhythm. In the end, it sounds more like Stratovarius’ mid-tempo “Babylon” than Rainbow’s own “Gates of Babylon.” The oriental vocals from Zaer Zorgatti (Myrath) are also a charming addition. The epicness peaks with the last track “Apocalypso.” The vocals are impressive (high and low) just as the guitar work of Ramos who is definitely not here to sort out the lentils as the French would say.

Final Thoughts

Apocalypso is an unexpected album by a bunch of veterans that the audience buried too soon. The quality of the production is top-notch and with that, Sortilège is back in the game. This new lineup is deadly effective and should not disappoint on stage for the upcoming tour.

Apocalypso – Tracklist

  1. Poseidon
  2. Attila
  3. Derrière les portes de Babylone
  4. Le Sacre du sorcier
  5. La Parade des centaures
  6. Walkyrie
  7. Encore un jour
  8. Trahison
  9. Vampire
  10. Apocalypso


Christian “Zouille” Augustin – Vocals
Bruno Ramos – Lead Guitar
Olivier Spitzer – Guitar
Sébastien Bonnet – Bass
Clément Rouxel – Drums


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