MICHAEL ANGELO BATIO – More Machine Than Man

MICHAEL ANGELO BATIO - More Machine Than Man
  • 9.2/10
    MICHAEL ANGELO BATIO - More Machine Than Man - 9.2/10


Rat Pak Records
Release date: June 12, 2020

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80s shred and virtuoso guitar fans know Michael Angelo Batio as the “Fastest Guitarist on the Planet.” He is also the inventor of the MAB string dampener, the world’s first double neck guitar, and the 4-neck “quad” guitar. Batio is also the creator of the “Speed Kills” instructional guitar method. Oh yeah, he was also in that 80s Metal band Nitro if you remember. Since 1995 Michael has released 12 studio albums, with his latest release being More Machine Than Man.

“Laser Guided” hits hard with pounding drums, heavy riffs, and Batio’s signature brand of running up and down the neck of his axe. On “Badlands” the guitar and drums continue to be ferocious, but a thick heavy bass line cuts on through. Ex-Lamb of God drummer Chris Adler makes an appearance on “More Man Than Machine.” If you thought the preceding track’s drums were thumping, you haven’t heard nothin’ yet. “Dreaming of 1986” is a quick acoustic picking track similar to what you might find in the beginning of an 80s Hard Rock track that suddenly got heavy.

Adler returns for “The Two Sirens.” His patented drum work is accented by Batio’s melody lines and warm keyboards. Just when you think the track is getting soft, it kicks up again. Bassist Victor Wooten makes a guest appearance on “AVTD;” a track than can only be described as Devo on steroids. Fellow virtuoso Andrea Martongelli goes solo for solo with Batio on “The Countdown is On.”

“Rhythm Reprise (I Pray The Lord)” is a quaint instrumental ballad with more emotion in it than if it had words. The three “bonus tracks” fit right in with the rest of the album. The most notable of the three being “Charlie Went to Chicago” which has bits and pieces of the “Devil Went Down To Georgia” in it.

Even though Batio’s guitar is the star of More Machine Than Man, the drum work is just as remarkable. There’s nothing in the press materials or online that state who plays them outside of the Adler tracks. One would assume it is Michael Angelo himself. Don’t expect an album of Batio playing as fast as he can. He excels here with all aspects of guitar playing as well as genres.

If you’re a Michael Angelo Batio fan then More Machine Than Man is another killer guitar-centric release by the shred guitar legend. If you’re not a Michael Angelo Batio fan… what the hell is wrong with you?



  1. Laser Guided
  2. The Badlands
  3. Put All Fear Aside
  4. More Machine Than Man
  5. Deamin’ of 1986
  6. Beyond the Outer Limits
  7. The Two Sirens
  8. Avtd
  9. The Countdown is On
  10. Rhythm Reprise (I Pray the Lord)
  11. 21st Century Beck [Bonus Track]
  12. Charlie Went to Chicago [Bonus Track]
  13. No Back Up Plan [Bonus Track]


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