GRAVE DIGGER – Fields of Blood

GRAVE DIGGER - Fields of Blood
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    GRAVE DIGGER - Fields of Blood - 9/10


Napalm Records
Release date: May 29, 2020

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German metal act Grave Digger is celebrating their 40th Anniversary with the release of their 20th album Fields of Blood. It’s the third and final album of their Highland Saga Trilogy. The first in the series was 1996’s Tunes of War, followed by The Clans Will Rise Again in 2010. Fields of Blood has quite the interesting back story. The tale begins with Edward McLean, a museum security guard that has a penchant for nodding off on the job. However, when Edward falls asleep he dreams about going back and reliving major events throughout Scottish history.

Pounding drums and ravenous guitars lead the charge on “All for the Kingdom.” Chris Boltendahl’s weathered vocals are perfectly suited to give this story about the Scottish Union fighting the British some urgency. “Lions at Sea” have the Scots battling it out with the Vikings. There’s a sea shanty feel to the track with its unified voices and chants, but Grave Digger still keeps things Metal. Crushing guitars and rapid-fire drums dominate “Freedom.” This one is about William Wallace’s fight for independence. There’s even a vocal-speech break where Wallace fires up his army.

“Heart of Scotland” delves into Scotland’s other hero from bygone times, Robert Bruce. The slower marching drum beat and added bag pipes give the track a regal feel. From out of left field Grave Digger throws in the ballad “Thousand Tears” about Mary Queen of Scots. Battle Beast vocalist Noora Louhimo’s high register and Boltendahl’s low register are made for each other. Acoustic guitars and somber bag pipes set the scene, but the band never loses their edge.

“My Final Fight,” “Gathering of the Clans,” and “Barbarian” sums up the epic final battle for our daydreaming security guard Edward. Grave Digger fire on all cylinders as they run the gamut of changing tempos, metal fury, melodic resonance, chanting sing-a-longs, and compelling crescendos. The battle is over on “Fields of Blood.” The rain is falling, the bagpipes are playing, yet the guitars are still intense. It’s a victory song, but a dark one.

Fields of Blood is a Heavy Metal lesson in Scottish history, but history class was never this fun. Even after 40 years, Grave Digger still knows how to deliver the thunder.



  1. The Clansman’s Journey
  2. All for the Kingdom
  3. Lions of the Sea
  4. Freedom
  5. The Heart of Scotland
  6. Thousand Tears
  7. Union of the Crown
  8. My Final Fight
  9. Gathering of the Clans
  10. Barbarian
  11. Fields of Blood
  12. Requiem for the Fallen


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