GRAVE DIGGER – The Clans Will Rise Again

GRAVE DIGGER - The Clans Will Rise Again
  • 9/10
    GRAVE DIGGER - The Clans Will Rise Again - 9/10


Napalm Records
Release date: October 1, 2010

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With their 15th studio effort, German Heavy Metalers Grave Digger return for a new take on Scottish history. The Clans Will Rise Again is a loose sequel to their 1996 Tunes Of War album, but this time it’s not a concept album about Scottish history, rather a work about Scotland, its mysticism, and its people. And what better way to celebrate a 30th anniversary than to release one of their best albums so far?

The album consists of heavy riff-based songs with massive choiring on the choruses and lots of bagpipe music in-between. Yes, the True Metal is strong on this one. The songs are catchy and easy to enjoy. Vocalist Chris Boltendahl, the only surviving member from the original line-up, sounds just as strong and impressive as he did on their debut album Heavy Metal Breakdown (1984). If there ever was a vocalist more fit for this blend of Metal and traditional Scottish music, it has to be Boltendahl. His voice is filled with emotions of passion and anger, and he really adds an element of something heartfelt into the songs. Boltendahl’s raw and raspy voice is also very manly and warrior-like and it really suits the theme for this album.

Guitarist Axel Ritt (Domain), who became a full time member right before they started recording the album, does a great job when it comes to the rhythm guitars. When it comes to the lead guitar, his work is more varied. He plays great solos like the one on “The Clans Will Rise Again,” but also plays unnecessary staccato solos like on “Whom The Gods Love Die Young” and “When Rain Turns To Blood.” The songs would have benefited from having more traditional and non-experimental solos — there’s no reason for experimenting and trying to put your own touch to this material.

It’s no easy task to pick the highlights from this album.  The fundamentals of the songs, by drums, bass and rhythm guitars, are tight and massive. The riffs aren’t very technically challenging, but are more of a solid foundation for a solid Metal band that makes solid Metal songs. Everyone that’s familiar with Grave Digger’s history will notice a development in their sound on this album; the band has never sounded better. And their songwriting is also stronger than ever. There are great Metal chants to sing along to on The Clans Will Rise Again. Fans of True Metal will embrace this release, and so should every fan of Traditional Metal and Power Metal.


Chris Boltendahl (Vocals)
Axel Ritt (Guitar)
Jens Becker (Bass)
Hans Peter Katzenburg (Keyboards)
Stefan Arnold (Drums)


Days Of Revenge/Paid In Blood/Hammer Of The Scots/Highland Farewell/The Clans Will Rise Again/Rebels/Valley Of Tears/Execution/Whom The Gods Love Die Young/Spider/The Piper McLeod/Coming Home/When Rain Turns To Blood


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