CANEDY – Warrior

CANEDY - Warrior
  • 7.8/10
    CANEDY - Warrior - 7.8/10


Sleazy Rider Records
Release date: May 8, 2020 (Digital & Streaming), August 7, 2020 (CD & Vinyl)

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Legendary Rods drummer Carl Canedy is back with the second full length album that bears his name. His 2014 album Headbanger was more of a solo project with special guest musicians. Canedy’s follow up album Warrior is a true band effort as Carl teams up with former members of Totally Lost Cause (TLC). The band promises to deliver that vintage Metal sound with a modern approach.

“Do It Now” is steered by pounding drums and power riffs. The commanding vocals of Mike Santarsiero tells a dark tale of climbing the corporate ladder at the sacrifice of family. “Not Even Love” is a mid-tempo rocker about chasing the spotlight long after your star has faded. Carl Canedy’s steady drum beats are front and center. “Lies” kicks the tempo into high gear. Canedy’s drum fills run roughshod all throughout the track. Charlie Russello delivers a classic Heavy Metal style guitar solo. Bassist Tony Garuba takes over vocals on “Hellride.” His register is a little lower and more maniacal than Mike’s, but it works. The track begins with a deep ominous cello intro, also by Garuba. Carl comes in with kick pedals to the metal on this tale of classic good versus evil.

The album’s title track “Warrior” is the battle cry of the label forsaken metal bands of the 80’s. Carl’s marching beat sets the pace of this fist pumping, head banging anthem. Santarsiero laments about the common man’s struggle with the government on the quick paced “Out For Blood.” While “The Prize” is an inspirational track about never giving up that builds in intensity, there’s something about the vocals that just don’t match it. “Attia” is about the mother of Caesar Augustus and Mark Anthony. Even if you don’t know the story, the song is powerful, melodic, and emotional. A real hidden gem that you don’t expect to find at the conclusion of an album.

“Warrior” makes the statement that classic Heavy Metal never dies. It’s full of thunderous riffs, mighty vocals, thumping bass, and pounding drums that will make amateurs envious. A couple of tracks miss the mark, but they don’t take away from the enjoyment of the album. Lyrically the album speaks to the older metal fan, but even the young ones will find something to appreciate.



  1. Do It Now
  2. Not Even Love
  3. Lies
  4. Hellride
  5. Warrior
  6. 3rd Time’s a Charm
  7. Out for Blood
  8. In This Sign
  9. The Prize
  10. Attia


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