Tales from a Metalhead: Intro – “You should write a book!”

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This chapter is part of a book called Tales from a Metalhead written by Metal Express Radio’s President Stig G. Nordahl. The chapters will be posted one at the time and you can find them all here.

When I hang out with friends, we always seem to end up discussing Hard Rock and Metal. I usually have a story to tell related to whatever band, album or gig we are discussing. For that reason a lot of people have tried to encourage me to write a book about my experiences, as a Metal fan for almost 40 years. It has always been out of the question for more than one reason. First of all, I am not a writer. I have never written as much as a review in my life. I’ve only done one printed interview, but that was just a favor for a friend of mine. I simply prefer talking over writing, so I always brought my recorder and spoke with the bands and artists instead! After reading tons of biographies I thought my stories weren’t impressive enough for a book. The bar was simply too high. It was only after reading an awful eBook by a German Rock journalist I thought that maybe I could give it a shot; at least I know I can do better than him!

This is not a biography, but more of a collection of stories, experiences and impressions from numerous interviews, gigs, records, and meeting with people and parties. I didn’t write this for bragging rights or name dropping either. I know a lot of people who have attended more gigs, have bigger record collections, conducted more interviews and drank more beer than I have. Well, I’m not so sure about the latter one… Putting the pen to paper and jotting down these stories has taken me down memory lane and it has been a lot of fun. Hopefully I can shed some new light on some bands and artists, and if nothing else I hope you’ll be entertained. You might not agree with everything I write and mega fans might find the occasional factual errors. These are my subjective opinions and I’ve been trying to stay as close to the truth as my memory allows me.

These days written material can be published in many ways without high expenses for the writer or the reader. The only investment to read or write something is time. My investment will definitely be bigger than yours. Anyways, here it is for the cost of “free”.

Hope you enjoy it!

Here we go…

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