SHAKRA – Mad World

SHAKRA - Mad World
  • 7/10
    SHAKRA - Mad World - 7/10


AFM Records
Release date: February 28, 2020

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Switzerland’s Shakra are Rock ‘N Roll survivors. They’ve released more albums than you can count on your fingers and they’re still in game after 25 years. Their latest release is described as “hard, catchy and energetic Rock music.”

The good news is that the band’s level of experience is evident in song writing and musicianship and they end up sounding like a hybrid of Dokken and AC/DC. The bad news is the vocalist’s delivery lacks range and persuasion. It’s similar to present day Don Dokken where high notes and powerful delivery are largely absent.

Leading off, “Fireline” is a rock solid burner that immediately stakes out the bands turf: quick melodic hooks, muscular riffs, brooding bass lines, and elemental beats. Enough space is left between notes and passages to let the hooks sink in and each band member be heard. “When He Comes Around” and “Son Of Fire” are similarly styled songs that play to these strengths and are album highlights. The former opens with a hefty melodic riff before retreating to create a sense of space in the song. Solid punches are thrown and landed between the guitar and rhythm section and the vocal performance works well. On the latter, conservative riffing is abandoned for pinch harmonics and raucous melodic activity throughout. Churning bass drives the song and shotgun blast hooks are triggered at every opportunity.

The remaining songs aren’t as refined but are by no means without merits. “Too Much Is Not Enough” delivers a Judas Priest like churn and menace, the title track uses pauses to reinforce riffs to good effect, and “Turn The Light On” opens with a nice melodic guitar run before linking up with the vocalist to deliver a hook laden chorus. There’s even a ballad to close out.

If an occasional high pitched wail is essential to your Hard Rock experience, Mad World will disappoint. However, if Hard Rock played with swagger and a touch of menace are in your wheel house, you should definitely consider giving this release your attention.


TRACKLIST (Highlights: 1, 2, 4, 5, 10, 11)

  1. Fireline
  2. Too Much Is Not Enough
  3. A Roll Of The Dice
  4. Mad World
  5. When He Comes Around
  6. Thousand Kings
  7. I Still Rock
  8. Fake News
  9. When It All Falls Down
  10. Turn The Light On
  11. Son Of Fire
  12. New Tomorrow



Mark Fox (Vocals)
Thom Blunier (Guitar)
Thomas Muster (Guitar)
Dominik Pfister (Bass)
Roger Tanner (Drums)


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