ANVIL – Legal At Last

ANVIL - Legal At Last
  • 5.5/10
    ANVIL - Legal At Last - 5.5/10


AFM Records
Release date: February 14, 2020

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Anvil’s latest finds the band taking their usual rants to higher planes of thought. Lyrics focused on marijuana legalization, law enforcement, and pollution push the album in serious directions. Drummer Rob Reiner states they’re celebrating changes to Canada’s marijuana laws. Vocalist/guitarist Steve Kudlow shares they were less than thrilled with police tactics in Nebraska and we’re left to ponder the inspiration regarding pollution. Maybe too much exposure to Greta Thunberg?

“Legal At Last” leads with Anvil’s signature style. It features droning riffs, light on melody, paired with earnest but stilted vocals. This template is used repeatedly. They might add a gimmick like a cowbell or slow the pace down with a Doom riff, or speed it up with some frantic fretwork but it’s all pretty similar. To enjoy an Anvil album you have to suspend higher brain function. It’s similar to being entertained by an action film directed by Michael Bay.

“Talking To The Wall” and “Glass House” are two songs which follow the template, but their active melodies and catchy choruses set them apart. The remaining highlights share hard to miss lyric and song elements from the hits of other bands. You’ll hear Ted Nugent’s “Catch Scratch Fever” on “I’m Alive”, UFO’s “Rock Bottom” on “Bottom Line”, and Black Sabbath’s “Lord Of This World” on “Said And Done”. If you liked the originals, it’s hard to not like these songs. Unfortunately, they don’t sound much like Anvil songs.

For Legal At Last, Anvil’s lyrics featured more subject matter depth before regressing back into their usual Brainstem Metal style: rants about everyday annoyances paired with simple riffs. With the exception of the songs owing much to other artists, the writing is pretty basic. If you aren’t hooked in the first 30 seconds, you won’t be. Kudlow summarizes “Legal At Last is our way of telling the public: ‘It’s okay, Anvil are okay, you’re allowed to like us at last!’”


TRACKLIST (Highlights: 5, 6, 7, 9, 11)

  1. Legal At Last
  2. Nabbed In Nebraska
  3. Chemtrails
  4. Gasoline
  5. I’m Alive
  6. Talking To The Wall
  7. Glass House
  8. Plastic In Paradise
  9. Bottom Line
  10. Food For The Vulture
  11. Said And Done
  12. No Time (Bonustrack)

CD: (00:50:09)


Steve “Lips” Kudlow (Vocals/Guitar)
Robb Reiner (Drums)
Chris Robertson (Bass)


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