2019 The Metal You Shouldn’t Have Missed – Zac’s Top 11 Songs

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Cheers and Happy New Year, friends!

Did you miss these songs?

  1. Sister Shotgun “Sacred Heart”  2019 Song Of The Year
  2. Deaf Rat “Save Me From Myself”  2019 Song Of The Year – Runner Up
  3. Spirit Adrift “Angel & Abyss”
  4. Iron Savior “Stand Up And Fight”  2019 Album Of The Year – Runner Up
  5. Evergrey “Weightless”
  6. Edge Of Forever “Native Son”
  7. Suicide Bombers “Sleepless Elite”  2019 Album Of The Year
  8. Stargazer “Lost Generation”
  9. Dethonator “Ulfag”
  10. Gin Annie “New Bad Habit”
  11. Lugnet “Die For You”

If you did, it’s O.K.  I have your back.  These classics were culled from the 50+ albums I reviewed this year.

If you love these songs, keep listening to Metal Express Radio and consider applying to be a Metal Express Radio album reviewer.  I can’t listen to everything and would love to know what I’m missing.

As for albums this year, Suicide Bombers Murder Couture and Iron Savior Kill Or Get Killed were the best I reviewed.

Stay Metal,


Sister Shotgun “Sacred Heart” 2019 Song Of The Year

Deaf Rat “Save Me From Myself” 2019 Song Of The Year – Runner Up

Suicide Bombers “Sleepless Elite” 2019 Album Of The Year


Iron Savior “Stand Up And Fight” 2019 Album Of The Year – Runner Up


Evergrey “Weightless”

Dethonator “Ulfag”

Gin Annie “New Bad Habit”

Lugnet “Die For You”

Spirit Adrift “Angel & Abyss”

Stargazer “Lost Generation”

Edge Of Forever “Native Son”

Honorable Mentions:

Ghost Ship Octavious “Delirium”

Whitesnake “Good To See You Again”

Herman Frank “Fear”

Anthem “Black Empire”

Rival Sons “Do Your Worst”

Destruction “Tyrants Of The Netherworld”

Hammerfall “Dominion”

Grande Royale “Hands Up”

Steve Blower “The Midas Touch”

Prime Creation “Before The Rain”

Fatal Embrace “Skinned To Be Alive”

Mortal Infinity “Fellowship Of Rats”

Check out the complete playlist for the best of 2019 here.


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