STEVE LYNCH On Leaving AUTOGRAPH, Starting New Band PROJECT 2:22

Photo credit: Manny Cabo and Mark Weiss
Steve Lynch, 1985 Guitar Player Magazine

Steve Lynch is widely known as the lead guitarist for Autograph, an American Hard Rock/80s Metal band. He’s also known for his complex 8 fingered tapping technique that he continues to teach. The famous Autograph song, “Turn Up The Radio”, earned Steve the Guitar Solo of The Year award in Guitar Player magazine in 1985. In 2019 Steve left Autograph to concentrate on a new project, Project 2:22, that features Nashville recording artist, Alena Rae. The two are currently engaged.

Metal Express Radio: Was it difficult to say goodbye to old band members in Autograph? Do you think that there will be future collaboration?

Steve Lynch: It was difficult because I have known Randy, the bassist since 1981 and the rest of the band mates became like brothers to me as well. I’m on a completely new musical venture now, so I don’t foresee any future collaboration, but you never know for sure.

MER: You have mentioned that Jimi Hendrix was your biggest influence? Was it his look, sound, technique? Did you hear something that he played that you could elaborate on?

SL: It was Hendrix’ wild playing style on his debut album Are You Experienced in 1967 that set me off. I couldn’t believe the sound he was getting! Then when I saw live footage of his onstage antics, I thought to myself, “Wow, this guy is incredible!”

MER: What guitar do you use? And is it special crafted for you?

SL: I have my guitars custom made by Dale Roberts out of Jacksonville, Florida, USA.

MER: You attended the Musicians Institute in Los Angeles. How did you end up teaching?

SL: I did a couple of clinics there. I was too busy touring with Autograph to have a regular teaching schedule. Great school, great people! I graduated in March of 1979. It was an incredible experience.

Steve Lynch & Alena Rae

MER: When discussing the new music you are venturing into with Project 2:22, do you feel that you have more artistic freedom with this project?

SL: Yes, we are writing what we feel and that is total artistic freedom. Alena is the most amazing vocalist and can sing any style very well, therefore it is an open slate for whichever direction we wish to go in per song. We are Rock edged but with a world music vibe, so it can go anywhere we wish musically.

MER: What is the meaning behind the name 2:22?

SL: It means that you are on the right path and your guardian angels are guiding you. It’s very positive.

MER: Elaborate on how you met Alena, how long have you known her, and is there going to be a wedding soon?

SL: I met her when we were both doing the same radio show on the same day. It was a call-in interview for us both, she in Nashville and myself in Tampa. The DJ mentioned I was going to be on later that day, but she did not know who I was. We became friends on social media after that and we started messaging each other which turned into phone conversations and then meeting in person. We both really connected immediately. Because of our schedules, we are still trying to figure out a definite date to get married. One of the reasons is that we want to go to Italy for our honeymoon for a couple weeks, but its been difficult to find the time. It will be 2020 though.

MER: Will it be exciting, challenging, or different for Alena to travel the world?

SL: Alena has already seen much of the world, so she is very comfortable with whenever and wherever we go, and it will be exciting for both of us.

MER: You are planning rock vacation packages for your worldwide tours, maybe even equestrian events. How did this idea come about?

SL: This was basically Alena’s idea and we are still working on details.

MER: On what stage in the world do you want to play most and why?

SL: That would be Wembley in London for both of us. We have already discussed the topic and decided that is where we want to play the most. On her part, it’s probably because of the Queen playing there. But for me, it’s just an iconic venue to play because of the history.

MER: What’s next in store for Project 2:22?

SL: We will be playing a lot internationally, places like Europe, Australia, New Zealand, Japan, etc. We will also be touring the states.

MER: What is the best website to find information on Project 2:22?

SL: We will have the website up shortly, but fans can view all updates to recording, song releases, interviews, and tour schedule on Facebook at Project 2:22 in the meantime. Happy journeys everyone! Looking forward to releasing new material and seeing all of you soon! Cheers!

Alena has a beautiful, soulful voice which compliments Steve hard rock sound. The couple has voiced that all material released on this project will be unique to the project and that the possibilities are endless. They will be releasing their first single “We Are One”, in January 2020.


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