WRESTLING – Ride On Freaks

WRESTLING - Ride On Freaks
  • 3/10
    WRESTLING - Ride On Freaks - 3/10


Inverse Records
Release date: September 14, 2018

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Citing an absence of bands playing decent old school Heavy Metal, Finland’s Wrestling self-elect their debut album to fill the void. They claim inspiration from bands such as Accept, Dio, Black Sabbath, Ozzy Osbourne, and Loudness. Their actual sound and substance is a mixture of Metal, Punk and Parody. Blend Judas Priest, Metal Church, Stuck Mojo, System Of A Down and Dead Kennedys and you create a sound cocktail leaving the listener struggling to taste the “old school”.

“Let’s Get Born” and “Surreal Killer” lead with hyperactive vocals and riffs so fast the songs bounce along without traction. While both of the songs are interesting, they have little in common with old school Heavy Metal. “Venom Makes Me Stronger” is easily the most palatable track and one which delivers the band’s goal. It follows the Judas Priest “Heading Out On The Highway” template close enough to resemble their inspirations. There are other attempts in the latter half of the album, but they lack the effective lyrical hooks and engaging riffs to be memorable. “Kitsch In America” and “Wrestlemania VI” veer off into a parody style more at home on a “Weird AlYankovic album.

Ride On Freaks aptly describes the unpredictable course of the material. Wrestling embarked on a journey to carry the old school Heavy Metal flag, but off-road into a wilderness of intergenerational Metal styles laced with oddball goofiness. Recommended only for the insatiably curious.



  1. Let’s Get Born
  2. Surreal Killer
  3. Venom Makes Me Stronger
  4. Kitsch In America
  5. Drunk And Alone
  6. Wrestlemania VI
  7. Beyond The Limits
  8. Feels Like Midnight
  9. Driving All Night
  10. The Solution To All Your Problems
  11. See Delight


Tommi Saha (voc)
Risto Nyman (gtr)
Janne Kela (d)
Pekka Moilanen (gtr)
Riku Rousu (b, voc)


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