POISON PILL – Poison Pill

POISON PILL - Poison Pill
  • 7/10
    POISON PILL - Poison Pill - 7/10


Sliptrick Records
Release date: November 7, 2017

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According to the as yet unknown members of Poison Pill, the bandwas formed around the ambition to link hard-hitting Metal with unique verbal expressions of human frustration.”  Poison Pill definitely has hard-hitting Metal chops.  The assessed degree of success toward the goal of expressing human frustration rests with each listener.

The instrumental “Introspection” commences the hard-hitting with a spooky riff reminiscent of Black Sabbath’s “E5150”.  “Wake The Sinner” breaks the tension exploding with a high-energy assault. The only downside to this song is the out-of-place, weak backing vocals. However, the next song, “Pitch Black” has no such weakness.  The inspired vocals cause you to wonder if you are listening to the same band.  The vocals are similar to the high pitch falsetto of Cam Pipes’ work with 3 Inches Of Blood.  Who knows, maybe it is Cam Pipes?  Not every song connects as well as the opening trio, but none are worthy of scorn either.  “Confession Of A Liar” is worth a listen for the bass guitar heavy bridge near the end of the song.  “Jurisdictional Confusion” is a marvelous high speed, attention-grabbing screech-fest. Nearing the end of the album, “Call Of The Precious” is similar in style to Megadeth and features heavy chugging riffs combined with varied vocals and effective background vocals. “Terminal Point” opens with biting riffs, then strangely loses momentum during the chorus.

Poison Pill shares this “…is the first in line of a trilogy that has already been mapped out.”  If a trilogy is to be, then this talented band starts with a well-mixed album with a healthy dose of well-written songs.  Recommended for Classic Metal fans.



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