STALLION – From The Dead

STALLION - From The Dead
  • 8/10
    STALLION - From The Dead - 8/10


High Roller Records
Release date: June 30, 2017

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From The Dead is the third release from Germany’s Stallion, following 2014’s Rise And Ride and their debut six song EP Mounting The World which came out the year before, a relatively short career and discography for a band displaying the confidence, versatility, and overall prowess they do here. Opener “Underground Society” is a full-on uncompromising Thrash number with a speedy killer riff, a crushing rhythm section, and shrieking vocals that, while possibly off-putting to some listeners, match the tone and content of the song.

The next couple cuts downshift to a more Hair Metal tempo, setting the stage perfectly for one of the best Metal songs of the year in “Waiting For A Sign”. The song comes damn close to Power Ballad territory—there’s even a keyboard wash on the chorus—when out of nowhere the band launches into complete shred mode after the solos, a welding of two completely different styles is completely unexpected and completely spectacular.

Stallion continues to surprise with the title cut, following quiet guitar into with another pounding assault that uses a Maiden-esque gallop during a bridge to provide a solid foundation for a series of solos.  Each of the band’s tunes avoids the riff-chorus-repeat trap with dexterously twisting musical sections that interlock flawlessly without ever letting up on the throttle.  Each track has something to commend it, whether it is the battle sound effects in “Lord Of The Trenches” or the AC/DC “Rocker” quotes in “Blackbox”. Even the seventeen second blast of “Kill Fascists” is brilliant in context. Stallion respects their ancestors but wants to make history, not repeat it. With From The Dead, they succeed.



  • Daniel Waters

    Daniel was a reviewer here at Metal Express Radio. Iron Maiden’s Piece Of Mind wasn’t the first Metal album he owned, but it was the one that lifted the lid off his soul when he received the record as a gift on his 15th birthday. He's been a Metal fan ever since. He's probably best known as the author of various Young Adult novels such as the Generation Dead series and the ghost story Break My Heart 1,000 Times, now also a major motion picture entitled I Still See You, starring Bella Thorne. Writing and music, especially Heavy Metal music, has always been inextricably linked in his mind and career. His first paid gig doing any type of writing was for Cemetery Dance, where he wrote a horror-themed music column called Dead Beats, and when he was writing the first Generation Dead novel he had a ritual where he started his writing day with a Metal playlist that kicked off with “Crushing Belial” by Shadows Fall.

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