GLASS MIND – Dodecaedro

GLASS MIND - Dodecaedro
  • 5/10
    GLASS MIND - Dodecaedro - 5/10


Rockshots Records
Release date: May 5, 2017

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Glass Mind’s second full-length album, Dodecaedro, offers a bold 39-minute instrumental foray into Progressive Metal blending elements of Jazz, Mathcore, Traditional Metal, and World Music. While the Mexico City quartet’s mastery of their guitars and drums are never in question, their efforts to create complexity and display their virtuosity results in a lack of cohesive elements that may lose the average listener.

The album has five songs clocking in around 6 minutes or more, interspersed with four songs of less than 2 minutes that provide calming breaks between the desultory experimentations of the longer tunes.  The opening song, “Babel”, starts with a creative multi-ethnic mash-up of percussion, guitar, and even the drone of what sounds like a didgeridoo, but then veers off into successive Mathcore breaks that never settle into a central theme or tie back to the introduction.  The song is neither boring nor lacks skilled musicianship. It just sounds like a riff sampler.  “Inside The Whale” is the most traditionally structured song on the album with recurring guitar melodies and galloping riffs.  Unfortunately, the song is about twice as long as it needs to be and ends up recycling the main melody too many times.

While Dodecaedro may appeal to fans of avant-garde Progressive Metal, it’s an album where many will listen in vain for a definitive groove.  Most songs dash from idea to idea without full development.  Ultimately, Glass Mind’s attempt to create a coherent package with so many different elements falls short.



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