Daily Album Premiere Show

Got some gems coming up for you this week! Def Leppard are finally out with a new album. Listen to it and read the review this Monday! Reverence delivers a great metal album with Riot’s current vocalist behind the stand. Don’t forget to check out the new album by one of Italy’s leading metal bands Eldtrich on Thursday!

See the schedule here!

Monday Def Leppard Def Leppard
Tuesday Reverence Gods Of War
Wednesday Rose’n Wake Up
Thursday Eldritch Underlying Issues

Songs from these new releases will be featured at 6:00/18:00 CET (Midnight/Noon EST) on the days indicated. All featured albums will have a short review posted the day it’s on the show!

The FRIDAY edition of the Daily Album Premiere show contains 3 tracks from each of the Daily Premiere Albums. Be sure to tune in here!


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