OBSESSION – Order Of Chaos

OBSESSION - Order Of Chaos
  • 7.5/10
    OBSESSION - Order Of Chaos - 7.5/10


Inner Wound Recordings
Release date: October 3, 2012

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The American Metal band Obsession has been around since 1982. Many will remember Obsession as one of the pioneering acts of Metal Blade records in their early years. Unfortunately, their success was short lived, only releasing two full-length albums and one EP before breaking up in 1989. Subsequently, vocalist Michael Vescera joined the Japanese Metal band Loudness for a couple of albums. He also sang lead on a couple of Yngwie Malmsteen releases in the late ‘90s. Vescera reformed Obsession in 2006 and released their comeback album Carnival Of Lies.

Obsession’s latest release Order Of Chaos picks up right where they left off with Carnival Of Lies. With almost the same lineup, they have produced a great array of clean cut, precision sounding, melodic Power Metal. Vescera’s high-pitched rugged vocals are the prominent hero of the album as he shows off the broad range that has proven him to be one of the most premier, yet underrated vocalist. Additionally, with a very solid twin guitar performance from John Bruno and Scott Boland that spans from Neo-Classical to Thrash, this album contains many elements of a very good and memorable Metal album.

Nostalgia aside, Order Of Chaos needs to be put under the microscope to determine if the album truly has merit. The opening title track “Order Of Chaos” is a blazing melodic composition that justifies right off the bat how worn down Vescera’s voice has become over the years. However, the highlight is the masterful guitar solos featuring each axeman. Vescera uses the twin guitar attack to its fullest potential to create an extremely energetic sound throughout the entire album.

Even though Vescera may not have the same flawless, shining vocal ability once carried in his youth, he is still able to maintain an extremely solid vocal performance. One of his textbook presentations can be heard on the track “Mercy Killing.” Vescera uses his full range on this track displaying a softer recital during the verses, which then builds into a screaming crescendo during the chorus and exemplifies all the passion and energy of the song. Not to mention, there is another blistering guitar solo the likes of which can be heard on every single track.

Order Of Chaos is a rock solid album from start to finish. Some of the downfalls might include a somewhat dated sound, and it could also be perceived as too melodic with an overuse of vocal harmonies. However, the product is certainly dynamic enough to make it a very formidable release. Obviously this is not the same group of youthful vibrancy that once held the cornerstone of Metal Blade records, but Vescera has developed into a true professional and knows create a product that can go to the next level.


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