Sölvesborg, Sweden, June 9, 2012

Bad Company

Certainly not a Hard Rock act, but a Classic Rock act all the way, Bad Company follows the trail of AOR-bands at Sweden Rock Festival, including Foreigner, Journey, R.E.O. Speedwagon, Styx and Kansas.

Bad Company is one of Britain’s finest Rock bands, fronted by one of the best Rock singers of all time, Paul Rodgers (Free, Queen, The Firm). The Sweden Rock Festival show was the only one for 2012, and the first European show played outside the UK since 1975.

One would think that Bad Company was in holiday mode, this being the only show for 2012. Well, think again, because Bad Company played even better at Sweden Rock than on their latest Live At Wembley release from the 2010 tour of the UK. “Can’t Get Enough,” “Shooting Star,” “Honey Child” and “Feel Like Makin’ Love” were magnificent, and ballads like “Seagull” got the crowd singing their lungs out.  It was a magic performance, and worth the wait.

King Diamond

King Diamond SRF 2012

The craziest falsetto in the history of Heavy Metal has struggled a lot with his health in the recent years. But, now the bad days are gone, and King Diamond at Sweden Rock Festival 2012 was billed as a huge comeback, and it surely was.

With no new album in sight, King Diamond picked wisely from his 27 years as a solo artist, as well as a few gems from his old band Mercyful Fate. That resulted in an opening with “The Candle” and “Welcome Home” before he headed into the ’90s with “Voodoo,” “At The Graves” and “Up From The Grave.”

Several guests showed up, mainly King Diamond’s first drummer Mikkey Dee (now in Motörhead), Michael Denner and Hank Shermann. And, it became a magical night, leaving the audience with blistering performances of “Eye Of The Witch,” “The Family Ghost” and “Halloween.”  Afterwards, it was safe to say that he is still the King.

Mötley Crüe

Mötley Crüe SRF 2012

Seven years since their last headlining gig at Sweden Rock, the bad boys of Rock ‘n’ Roll were back. But, as the years have passed Mötley Crüe has become a band that people love to hate, or vice versa.

They are still out doing their show with Tommy Lee’s rollercoaster, this being the third big production they’ve had since their comeback in 2005. And playing in Europe, the rollercoaster is all you get. No pyro, no bombs, no nothing.

The band’s playing is also beginning to take its toll due to Mick Mars’ increasing health issues and Vince Neil’s abilities to sing the lyrical lines in full. There’s not much air left in his lungs nowadays, leaving his vocal lines very amputated.

However, Mötley Crüe is still a party act when they are performing all their biggest songs from the ’80s like “Wild Side,” “Dr. Feelgood,” “Shout At The Devil,” “Girls Girls Girls,” “Same Ol’ Situation” and “Kickstart My Heart.”


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