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Release date: September 27, 2011

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Chickenfoot has come out with a follow-up album sure to knock your balls into outer space. After all, the band wasn’t labeled a supergroup because of their looks… and they added a bit of humor by skipping the sophomore jinx “II” insignia and going directly to “III”.

Chickenfoot III has 10 tracks with over 45 minutes of music. The USA version has a hidden 11th track entitled “No Change,” and there are other versions containing a variety of goodies and extras scattered all over the place, so depending on what you want, you may have to wait for the appropriate time before your version of choice is released. Regardless, the bottom line is each track is a masterpiece in its own right. The vocals (and especially the background vocals) are probably most noticeable in bringing forth a new excitement to the band and its performance as a whole — one filled with vim and vigor that adds a new dimension to the band’s music in general. The songs seem to come to life with way more appeal to them, and Hagar’s singing, tone, range, and power all stand out… it sounds like he’s happier, stronger, and having a blast.

Joe Satriani’s solos are short and sweet and to-the-point without going to the extreme. It takes a rare talent to play like he does, but even more talent to know how to make less sound like more when needed – then to do all that with the right amount of touch and feeling – that’s the key. It’s no wonder why he is admired by everyone in the music industry and gets nothing but praise when his name is brought up in conversation. Michael Anthony has never sounded better as well. His playing comes through louder in the mix than ever before, but without drowning anyone out (if that’s possible). He is at the top of his game, and listening to what he comes up with from one track to the other is almost like waking up Christmas morning and opening presents. Chad Smith again handles the studio drum work admirably (but will be absent during the early stages of Chickenfoot’s tour due to previous Red Hot Chili Peppers’ commitments). There is also a guest appearance by Mike Keneally on 3 tracks.

The creation and success of this album has to do with many facets culminating at the right time by the right people. The production, recording, engineering, and mixing was done by Mike Fraser. It is safe to say at this time that Mr. Fraser has created a masterpiece. His work on this project is nothing short of brilliant. The guys in the band must be thrilled with the outcome because Chickenfoot fans sure will be upon listening to this album for the first time.

For those interested in the writing process and how a band comes up with material for a song, visit the Chickenfoot Website and either open the specific podcasts for viewing or download and save them for future reference. After checking them out, you’ll have an even deeper appreciation for all of the songs on the album.


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