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Release date: June 14, 2011

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Black Country Communion (BCC) not only know how to step up to the plate; they all can hit it out of the park too.  There’s an old saying, “If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it”, which is exactly the formula used by BCC in making this new record. Kevin Shirley was at the helm again and produced another spectacular album (64+ minutes, 11 tracks). The way stories develop or form in your mind as you listen is what makes 2 another masterpiece lyrically speaking, and it’s almost euphoric to listen to Bonamassa’s solos because his style is so unique and his sound is so different and refreshing. His Blues background and playing style produce something completely different than what many are accustomed to hearing, and that’s why BCC has such a special sound and can play and write songs that are in a class by themselves.

Summing up this album can be accomplished in very few words — absolutely brilliant! With the opening track “Outsider,” the guys come out of the gates smokin’. It’s such a killer tune that this one track alone is worth the price of the entire record.  Except for “The Battle For Hadrian’s Wall” and “No Ordinary Son”, which are handled by Bonamassa with his Blues-styled vocals, the remaining nine tracks are all sung by Hughes. Just about every song has lyrics in it that amaze at some point or another. Take “Man In The Middle” for example, “…In a big black car / Now you’re full of ambition / You’re a Rock ‘n’ Roll star / With a killer condition…” That is writing at its best. It has an infectious groove and riff along with some killer bottom end and a solo equal to the task.

“Save Me” is a very interesting song. It seems so serene and peaceful at the start until it kicks in with the vocals, which you may actually think Zakk Wylde is performing. The bass is very deep and mysterious throughout some parts and you can hear Bonamassa ever so slightly doing some incredible stuff in the background as well. His solo is off the charts on this one. The same thing can be said for “Smokestack Woman” — another busy track with tons of things going on throughout. Sherinian’s playing is more evident on this track and Bonham’s drumming is so powerful and really shines.

“The Battle For Hadrian’s Wall” would appear to be a sleeper at first, but don’t go looking for the fast forward button or you’ll miss some great stuff, especially near the end where you’d swear a lap/steel guitar is being played by Bonamassa — but instead it’s a double-neck Gibson. “An Ordinary Son” might be the best track on the entire album, and you get to hear some incredible bass work by Hughes since Bonamassa has vocal duties. Bonham performs some great drumming and cymbal work to boot, and Sherinian’s keys are phenomenal. “Crossfire” has such an infectious groove and riff that you can’t help but fall in love with it the moment you hear it. “Cold” is the closer, and Bonamassa lays down some guitar work that is one for the record books – damn, but that guy is good!

Needless to say, you should run out to buy 2 as quickly as possible. If this album doesn’t do it for you, then you’re probably brain dead and just don’t know it. This release is indeed a rare gem that doesn’t come around that often — treasure it and hope for more!


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