URIAH HEEP – Into The Wild

URIAH HEEP - Into The Wild
  • 8.5/10
    URIAH HEEP - Into The Wild - 8.5/10


Frontiers Records
Release date: May 3, 2011

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Uriah Heep’s newest release Into The Wild proves to be all that their previous 40 years worth of recordings were: fantastic!  That trademark sound that is Uriah Heep, that classic seventies feel, that Rock vibe are still ever-present throughout Into The Wild.

“Nail On The Headopens the musical montage that fast becomes candy to the ears. This is a song that takes you back to easier times in music when a band went into the studio and simply recorded and then cleaned it up later, not like now when things are massively over-produced. Uriah Heep does like to just go in and play the song as a band and get ‘er done in this way.

“Into The Wild”, the third track on the album, is not quite anthem-like, but the harmonies in the song speak in an anthem-like tone, as do the harmonies on “I’m Ready” and “Southern Star”. The inspiration for the title of the record and the third track on the album written by Phil Lanzon and Mick Box comes from a movie that tells of a long journey that has come to an end, and the feeling of both fear and excitement in beginning a new journey.

“Money Talks” is a down and dirty song with grit, while the song “Believe” might cause you to have to listen a few times to decide if isn’t instead the band Journey. “Kiss Of Freedom” (two versions on the album) is a solid track too, and both versions are equally good, while “Nail On The Head”  promises to be the fan favorite on this outstanding release — one that is destined to be one of Uriah Heep’s great accomplishments. “Hard Way To Learn” is the absolute tops on the album, but there are many that are the tops — this one just so happens to have amazing guitar work on it that grips you right from the beginning. “Trail Of Diamonds”  is a bit of a sleeper in comparison, but is a welcomed siesta.

Uriah Heep are one of those bands that are both making history and are responsible for having developed the very notion of it; a band that is like a long-lost friend in a  room full of acquaintances.


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