ANNIHILATOR – Annihilator

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    ANNIHILATOR - Annihilator - 9/10


Earache Records
Release date: May 17, 2010

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After the letdown of 2007’s Metal album, the dear Jeff Waters must have heard reviewers’ cries and made a change. This year, Waters’ Annihilator recorded their best release since the beginning of the new millennia. The Annihilator title was chosen with wisdom as Waters knew why this album deserved this title. The reason, pure speculation of course, might be because Annihilator is a sort of summary to all the endeavors and influences which Waters had since the band’s day one.

Annihilator mixes Waters’ approaches since the Alice In Hell blaster till the downward Metal. More accurate to acknowledge that Waters created Annihilator more based on the older Annihilator albums than of the later ones. Even if the production is rather similar to what is heard on the later Annihilator era, the music is almost all like the amazing 90s stuff.

This new album proved again that Annihilator has that special Thrash view, which is different from almost every Thrash act in the world. From the first tunes and assorted riffages, you will not have a problem recognizing the old Waters touch. Annihilator can be a crushing beast; however, it can also be a loving, touchy angel. With the battle of beasts and angels, Waters made his wonders. With the weapons of speed and power, there were the fine melodies, which have taken their position as Waters’ proudest possessions. All those aspects came back on this new album as it represents a fine blend of eras.

Besides the “back to basics” feature, there are other good things laying around on Annihilator. The not so new guy on vocals, Dave Padden, showed his best performance to date as Annihilator’s front man. In several ways, Padden stepped to the plate of Waters’ singer abilities, and on some occasions even beyond him. His raspy aggression, to the side of his silky smooth voices, is just the right thing for Annihilator. Up till now, especially by the judgment from this release, Padden has almost annihilated all the past singers of the band.
Another greatness on the album is the mighty sixty six solos. After reading about it, it was necessary to hear it for real. Well, it is rather hard to keep count of the solos because of the flow of the music, so it is up to you, the readers, to do the math. As for the solos, it is only top quality out of Waters. His years of experience brought him a wide range of diversity between his solo efforts. This is an amazing job, no doubt about it.

Annihilator is the answer to what many fans were waiting for. Jeff Waters came back big time with a release that fits his repertoire as a writer (besides being an excellent producer). If you longed for King Of The Kill, Refresh The Demons and Never, Never Land, this is rather close to it. Just mix the new albums, especially the productions, and you will have this one (even with the cover for Van Halen). Believe it, the Metal world needed something good after Metal and it gets it with Annihilator.

Highlights marked on the tracklist:

  1. The Trend
  2. Coward
  3. Ambush
  4. Betrayed
  5. 25 Seconds
  6. Nowhere To Go
  7. The Other Side
  8. Death In Your Eyes
  9. Payback
  10. Romeo Delight (Van Halen cover)


Dave Padden – Vocals
Jeff Waters – Guitars, Bass
Ryan Ahoff – Drums


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