STORMZONE – Death Dealer

STORMZONE - Death Dealer
  • 7/10
    STORMZONE - Death Dealer - 7/10


SPV / Steamhammer
Release date: April 26, 2010

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After trying to handle themselves in the Hard Rock/AOR world, Harv Harbinson, ex-vocalist of the veteran Sweet Savage, and the rest of Stormzone turned to old and true Heavy Metal/NWOBHM. As Harbinson and his fellow band mate, drummer David Bates, have the experience on doing this kind of music, it was rather easy for them, along with their other fellow members, to come up with Death Dealer.

The album presents strong ties to the magical moments of NWOBHM while trying to induce some Hard Rock elements. However, on most of the album, it’s Metal all the way and don’t you think otherwise. To elaborate the band’s sense of class, you have here an amazing production in the veins of the 80’s, chunky sound full of bass, and rather impressive material with it.

The end results the nostalgic production and the material presents are a rather fair album, however, not above it. You probably ask why. Well, the first tracks of this one are quite promising and although lengthy, they show that this band has it in them to unleash the best in Metal. Worthwhile tracks of high caliber are “Death Dealer”, “The Memory Never Dies”, “Immortals” and “The Legend Carries On”. Nevertheless, after the first period of the album, tracks 1-5, it all comes back to the same formula except for the lengthiness. In addition, the same structure can be found on the rest of the album’s songs as well. Not that this ordinary structure has flaws, it is the material that is in question.

The second half of the album, tracks 6-11, is less remarkable than the first batch of tracks. Although they are in the same vein, the quality of the material isn’t the same as the first ones. The only track that gave the opposite impression is the last track “Final Journey”. Other tracks, in comparison to this one, or other better ones, are rather dry and a lot less appealing. Although the band is playing good Metal with a sense of the old school while doing a well done job in the recording, this is still not it. What started good ended with a very nice farewell. However, the middle is not as it should be connecting the two fine dots.

The music of Stormzone has toughened up since their debut album, Caught In The Act, and presented it rather nicely on Death Dealer. On the other hand, it could have been a lot better. While listening to good old school Metal music with a good production at its side, it was bound to both start and end well. As it didn’t happen here, it might succeed a lot more on the next album. Cheers for you mates!

Steinmetal’s highlights on the tracklist

  1. Death Dealer
  2. Secret Gateway
  3. The Memory Never Dies
  4. Immortals
  5. The Legend Carries on
  6. Labyrinth
  7. Wasted Lives
  8. Stand up and Fight
  9. The Chosen One
  10. World of Sorrow
  11. The Greatest Sacrifice
  12. Final Journey

Lineup on Death Dealer

John ”Harv” Harbinson – Lead Vocals
Keith Harris – Guitar
Chris ”Poley” Polin – Guitar
Graham McNulty – Bass
David ”Davy” Bates – Drums


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