SINBREED – When Worlds Collide

SINBREED - When Worlds Collide
  • 9/10
    SINBREED - When Worlds Collide - 9/10


Ulterium Records
Release date: March 26, 2010

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Congratulations for the young guitarist, Florian “Flo” Laurin, for two reasons. First, he brought up the Sinbreed project (a project that was once called “Neoshine” that started out in 2000), which is an amazing venture full of talents. Second, there is the new album, When Worlds Collide, a punching album that will knock on your door so hard that it will almost break.

So why is this album such a door breaker? Well, as mentioned earlier, Laurin formed a super band by his side that helped him channel his talents as a guitarist and as a keyboard man. For the singer’s post, Laurin went for a big fish in the image of Seventh Avenue’s vocal man, Herbie Langhans, which on the album sounds amazing, full of vocal creativity as he’s fit himself like a glove to the energy of the release and the spirit of the group. For the drums, Fredrik Ehmke, the drummer of the famous German title, Blind Guardian came over. This guy is just a superman on the beats as he manned the tunes with elegance.  Finally, for the bass work, Alexander Schultz was brought in, unfortunately, nothing is really known about his earlier projects, yet this info isn’t that important as he fulfills his role.

When Worlds Collide touches modernity with a tight grip (first noticeable by the production), however it has more than enough reminders of various classic elements of the 80’s that enhanced the tunes.

As for the order of instruments on the album, it’s thanks to the great job of mixing and mastering by Markus Teske, who also serviced other famous groups as Symphony X and Vanden Plas. With all the speed and somewhat aggressive riffage, both attributes that have been well known on European Power Metal for years, there are the sweet melodies and harmonic flashes made with brilliance. On top of the music, there is the catchy dimension of the lyrics and vocal rhythm. The addition of Langhans’s tough voice, along with the guest appearances of some great vocalists among the Euro scene such as the Halford-like Thomas Rettke (known from the late Heaven’s Gate and now the vocalist of Redkey), Joost Van Den Broek (served on the Ayreon and Star One projects) and the ultimate Morten Sandager (known from the veteran Danish band, Pretty Maids), made the entire listening experience of When Worlds Collide to be flowing and astounding.

This album offers a well-forged European Power Metal trip with a good taste by its creator. When Worlds Collide was shaped to touch every Metalhead as it has aggressiveness and tenderness on the same page, it rattles with its catchiness, yet in a respectable level that won’t let you have that cheesy feeling.  As for the tracks, you can handle them all; you probably have heard these types before, however there is more than meets the ears.

Highlights suggested by this reviewer: “Newborn Tomorrow”, “Dust To Dust”, “When Worlds Collide”, “Infinity’s Call”, “Through The Dark” and “Book Of Life”.


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