CONTRADICTION – The Essence Of Anger

CONTRADICTION - The Essence Of Anger
  • 9/10
    CONTRADICTION - The Essence Of Anger - 9/10


Limited Access Records
Release date: September 25, 2009

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By emancipating The Essence Of Anger, one of the toughest Thrash Metal groups in Germany, Contradiction, celebrates its 20 years of existence. Although this group is not in line with the Holy Triplet of German Thrash, that being Kreator, Destruction and Sodom, it seems that this beast of Thrash has no need for that recognition. Contradiction is a legacy of its own and abiding to its own set of rules on how to make the atomic Bay Area influence Thrash (especially Slayer) under European surfacing. The Essence Of Anger is the Thrashy company’s sixth release and it looks as if no time, age or change of scenery will stop it from creating havoc everywhere it progresses because this anger machine is like a live wire.
After The Warchitect album in 2006, Contradiction left the clutches of Armageddon Records and turned its attention to their latest signing into Limited Access Records. The reins of the production were again maintained by the band’s dominant founder (vocalist/guitarist), Oliver “Koffer” Lux, who did, as he did three years ago, a stunning job while ensuring that Contradiction will remain as tough and pounding as in recent years. In addition Lux has taken, for the first time, the reins of the mixing and like the quality of his production, he did yet another amazing job. That is why The Essence Of Anger has the same aura of war and destruction as its previous brother.

Bounded by a fierce title, the material displayed by this Thrash mammoth is the consumer of violence and unimaginable fury and anger. By issuing the bleeding veins of Old School Thrash/Speed Metal added with Heavy Metal tune-ups here and there, Contradiction created yet a further version of what Slayer used to sound like. Try and imagine yourself hearing Reign In Blood , South Of Heaven and Seasons In The Abyss with the tip of a bit more modern sound and with the same suspense and cruel spirit as it is on these classic albums without too much tech involved. Contradiction maintains the same ultra kicking melodies, amazing drumming and those gloomy solos of terror that serve Slayer until this day, even if in rather smaller doses. With the energetic American approach, the band still reserves a warm soft spot for their country’s, and Europe’s Thrash, by implanting the same deathly like raspiness of our dear unending Koffer and as the music follows , there are inner emotive moments that are labored even by the mighty Kreator.

Highlighting the toughness of the beast, however a hard task it is, there are somewhat catchy parts within the songs, yet don’t try and look for them, they will get you eventually. “Life’s End” , “Perfect Combatants”, “The Essences Of Anger” (featuring the crude singer of Dew Scented – Leif Jensen), “For The Light” , “Reign Of Fear” and almost any other of these maniacs. The weakest link is the last tune “Commandments” as it has some sticky moments that are not too much fun.

For twenty years, Koffer and his mates Thrashed Germany and the world, with The Essence Of Anger, you better be ready for some more. This album, without mentioning the rain of Thrash Metal albums these last few years, is a kick in the face, the 80s and 90s are at your doorstep and you can’t lock up and say go away.

Happy Birthday Contradiction!!!


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