NADIMAČ – Državni Neprijatelj Broj Kec

NADIMAČ - Državni Neprijatelj Broj Kec
  • 8/10
    NADIMAČ - Državni Neprijatelj Broj Kec - 8/10


Area Death Productions
Release date: September 23, 2009

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After their speedy mayhem EP, Metal Je Rat, in January of this year, the Serbian Nadimač didn’t waste any time in letting loose yet another release. This is also their official humongous scale barrage debut of Old School Speed / Thrash Metal with tiny bits of Crossover Metal disarray (D.R.I and Municipal Waste like stuff) . Again, the nasty fatso clown, the band’s image and mascot, is sitting alongside and hanging out while the entire world is rotting all around and brought down to its knees by chaos and disorder. This picture is what Old School Thrash is partially all about – dominative disorder all around while society crumbles.

Državni Neprijatelj Broj Kec is the band’s latest treat of an effort after months of excessive recording and heavy loads of studio time. All the songs taken from the early Metal Je Rat were rerecorded and the majority of them obtained a more commanding stance than presented on the EP. The only negative detail regarding the new production, which is fairly good (although some of you might have to get used to the bit annoying snare sound), is the re-recording of the band’s greatest hit – “Metal Je Rat” (if you read the early review of the EP – it means “Metal Is War”). The EP version of the track was far better than the new featured one, the old one felt looser and wilder (just like an old Kreator number from their first two albums) in comparison to the new version , which is also good , yet it seems subdued to changes that aren’t done well to it.

The fresh material, sideways from the other re-recorded songs taken from the EP, punches and crashes without mercy with a perpetual speed and a bit Punkish like sense. When observing Nadimač it’s easy to notice the nonsense all around as humor is one of the band’s aids within their writing. Even if you don’t understand a word in Serbian, you will be able to experience the band’s fool around manias, occasions which are rather hard to miss (watch one of their videos on their MySpace page and you will see what silly means).

As far as the music goes, the material did not undergo any changes since their EP. Nadimač are all a huge fast pace through the Old School world with a fast racer. Their new stuff is simple and it continues the same American roots presented on the premature EP of Bay Area ecstasy with the New York style Punk (maybe that’s why the solos are not so creative). It’s also jumpy as hell – a moshpit delight actually and alcoholically full with the ultimate touch of an enthusiastic young spirit, yet these guys have to watch their future riffs as they tend to constantly repeat themselves here and there . With hope that sometime in the future, these guys will turn to releasing stuff in English so that all of us Metalheads and Thrashers will appreciate what the laugh is all about.

Highlights: Of course “Metal Je Rat” comes to mind because even if the old version is superior to the present one , it’s still a chopping track. With the classic headbanger there are: “Zlo I Naopako” , “Sam Sebi” , “Dlake Na Sapunu” , “Trece Oko” , “Hrani Babu Da Te Ujede” and the smirk of “Bog Cuva Bekriju”.


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