MIDNIGHT CAINE – Dead And Reborn

MIDNIGHT CAINE - Dead And Reborn
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    MIDNIGHT CAINE - Dead And Reborn - 9/10


Release date: September 15, 2009

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Sailing in from Sweden, Midnight Caine is the newcoming act that provides an additional shape to Gothic/Doom Metal music as they insert their influences of dark music from Jazz, Fusion, Opera, early Extreme Gothic and Doom Metal and plain Alternative Rock. Through their first combined effort, Dead And Reborn, which came out as their own independent release, this group came through the ways of Black Sabbath, early era of Paradise Lost and Type O Negative. In the bottom line, Midnight Caine wondered to generate pieces of music filled with ambiance and shadowy ambiance while leaving questions that are, mostly, associated with life and death.

As darkness loomed the day, Midnight Caine presented great talents on creating dark music, structured from their own views of what life beckons us, that as Metalheads might recognize it as a bit depressive yet all were connected to Gothic/Doom Metal. The band used the elements that brought the nature of this mixture of genres and they almost knew exactly which buttons to push as they enabled deep emotions, as displayed on many occasions on Paradise Lost and Type O Negative features, run through a stream of slow yet challenging music.

Moreover, more than once, Midnight Caine have been able to make the most of covering the “dead zones” within their songs when they succeeded in breaking the annoying barrier which made so many slow and sluggish Doom Metal songs so boring. Their methods were to create a substantial quantity of melodic and constructive lines played by the instruments such as on “Celebrate The Brave” and “Nobody’s Sons” that displayed great bass and wonderful guitar works.

With those alterations, Midnight Caine provided the known elements of dark music such as the crunchy lead guitar twitches, atmospheric and active keyboards (mainly piano effects) and emblazoning chorused affected acoustics. The great thing is that the band has that knack to combine distorted guitars with acoustics and that is what made them so special even though this harmony of bliss has been maintained as a building block that other bands used over the years, the fact is that a song like “Drowning Bride” is probably one of the perfect songs of this sort of mixture.

Dead And Reborn is more than just a great starter for this band, they can truly make their mark on their local scene and worldwide Metal. Even through this mixture of genres a non-energetic flame induced with bits of Alternative, that for a true Metalhead those will probably make a weird face, there is an enchantment within the hard slow rhythms, melancholic solos, soft and angry/painful vocals and outer vague auras.

Dead And Reborn established as a piece that every Metalhead can enjoy if one is looking for a bit of softness to the side of hardness, and yes this is life… ladies and gentlemen, not everything is composed of how easy everything is and we all share the pain of everyday life. Through other greats such as “Dark Waters” and “Dead And Reborn”, Midnight Caine share the delights and pains of the worldwide life and of course, yours.


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