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    THE BLACK DAHLIA MURDER - Deflorate - 9/10


Metal Blade Records
Release date: September 15, 2009

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How can anyone deny such an exquisite gathering of speed and ample brutality of Swedish Modern Melodic Death / Black Metal, American Death / Thrash Metal and bits of Metalcore? The answer is no one!

The Metal world is this band’s bash party of piling flesh and ground breaking attacks of gruesome behavior alongside themes such as death, zombies, horrific images and terrorizing events. Whether their material is maniacal or twisted, it’s good to know that the US has a high quality Extreme Metal act , such as The Black Dahlia Murder, within its clutches because unfortunately this country has gone way too Metalcoric in the past ten years. These guys are a response to countless other European Modern Melodic Extreme acts which are swarming both continents with a high vigorous bombardment.

This massive US act from Michigan has been out thumping since 2000 and when its engines started that year, there was no stopping it. The band shares its mixed Extreme style with similar acts, which present shrapnels in their entwined mix with similarities to bands such as Cannibal Corpse, modern day In Flames, Soilwork, Vader and many more. Right before the release of the band’s debut album in 2003 and after the A Cold-Blooded Epitaph EP in 2002, The Black Dahlia Murder caught the watching eyes and hearing ears of Metal Blade Records and got itself signed. Metal Blade Records has served as the band’s home since then.

Deflorate, the new twisted cacophony of violence armed with a pompous production , comes forth two years after the band’s previous takedown Nocturnal and without a doubt, this new shindig tops the prior release. The Black Dahlia Murder are stronger, faster and tougher as ever with pounds and tons of energy waiting to be thrashed upon your small ears. The running train of Deflorate offers saw-sharp melodies, exceedingly artistic and surprising solos, which are like “who would have thought that a Modern American Extreme Metal act would produce something like that?”, captivating Swedish style riffs and a vocal line that is hard to review or explain in words because, in short, it’s just freakin’ amazing – mountain of hails for you Trevor Strnad.

Through almost every single track on the album, The Black Dahlia Murder elucidates the true meaning of atrocious horror. Sweltering speedy power ups as the insane “Black Valor” , “A Selection Unnatural” and “That Which Erodes The Most Tender” alongside the melodic plus superfluous solo captivators as “Necropolis” ,”I Will Return” and “Denounced , Disgraced”. These examples serve as the best showcase of the band’s abilities as a bombastic destructive unit.

With all the band’s goods and creativeness, future albums have to be elevated – materialistically elevated. All the melodic riffs, except the solos, which are absolutely grand, are very similar to others. In addition, the vocals, as mentioned, are also breathtaking and also very analogous to several of the others. It’s not that The Black Dahlia Murder are not doing their own thing, they took Swedish Melodic Death Metal and gave it an American spin – that’s special. However, all in all , the music , on its boosted speed , sounds like In Flames or Soilwork on steroids.

Deflorate is a good exemplar of a pounding American power and a great bombshell between too much Metalcore and Hardcore.


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