LYNCH MOB – Smoke And Mirrors

LYNCH MOB - Smoke And Mirrors
  • 9/10
    LYNCH MOB - Smoke And Mirrors - 9/10


Frontiers Records
Release date: September 18, 2009

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George Lynch. Truly, a man that needs little introduction. This is a guy that’s influenced a countless number of guitarists and seems intent on doing so for years to come. Lynch Mob’s first release, Wicked Sensation, was huge. Hard Rock purists recognized it for the slab of greatness that it was and the album still stands up today. In its original and best incarnation, Lynch Mob simply couldn’t keep it together and the band members went their separate ways.

Here we are, some twenty years later and we’ve been given a gift in Smoke and Mirrors. There’s absolutely no question that this is a great release. This is Hard Rock that’s heavily blues influenced, hook laden and worthy a helluva lot of spins. Classic rockers will have no problem appreciating this album, as it seems to pay subtle homage to songs of yesteryear while still retaining a makeup all its own.

Lynch, despite being well into his fifties, succeeds in blowing away guitarists half his age. His tone is catchy, sharp and resounding. The solos are killer and sure to break out more than a few air guitars. Oni Logan’s performance is right on par with that of Lynch. He manages to do a highly memorable job of singing. Marco Mendoza on bass and Scott Coogan on drums go beyond being a mere rhythm section.

As for the actual songs, more than one has hit potential. The title track, “Smoke and Mirrors” starts off lightly but eventually ebbs and flows between the hard and soft. The song showcases Lynch’s ability to mix it up and also features a chorus with a tremendous amount of soul. “21st Century Man” is the very first tune and it’s right up there with S&M. Yet another catchy chorus and a piercing guitar attack are what lend this song so much power. These aren’t the only greats on the album. “Lucky Man”, “My Kind of Healer”, and “Revolution Heroes” also reek of awesomeness.

If there’s one thing to be criticized, it’s the slight weakening of the album as it progresses. A lot of the stronger songs are those in the first half of this collection. Despite that, this is easily one of the most enjoyable Hard Rock releases of ’09. This is the Lynch Mob album fans have been waiting for. If you enjoyed Wicked Sensation, you’ll have no problem getting into this. Smoke and Mirrors is a keeper and will leave many a fan wanting more.

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