MEAN STREAK – Metal Slave

MEAN STREAK - Metal Slave
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    MEAN STREAK - Metal Slave - 9/10


Black Lodge Records
Release date: September 11, 2009

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Mean Streak is all about Heavy Metal straight from the heart. As Metal progressed throughout the 1980s into the 1990s, it actually became weaker and that is why it became scrawny since the mid 1990s – a large majority of the artists changed their ways to make more money in order, as they thought, to survive in the industry. You can surely say that some of them did it, as they wanted to spread themselves into different horizons they had not covered before (crossover bands for example or Paradise Lost for that matter). However, with all the changes and re-routes to different zones of music , most of the Metal acts tried to survive the downfall and wrote material that will eventually earn them chunks of cash (Metallica and Bon Jovi are the best suitable examples for this one).

With all the need to survive, what about the soul of Heavy Metal? Who is going to preserve it and keep it alive so true fans will stay devoted or so that it will keep on spiking its power to the newcomers? Ever since the end of the 1990s and the beginning of the new millennium, new bands arose all across the world and most of them made their purpose clear – Metal made by true Metal hearts. In Sweden, the widely known are Hammerfall, Dream Evil, Wolf, Enforcer, Helvetets Port and the imminent Mean Streak.

Since 2006, the machine came to life to bring back the roots of Classic Metal; it’s an expedition back in time to 1980 through the middle of the greatest era in Heavy Metal history. Mean Streak bounded themselves to pure Heavy Metal, merely to the British version of it, as the Brits were the genre’s creators. Mean Streak made it happen with full force of utter mesmerizing NWOBHM showdown in the spirit of Iron Maiden, Judas Priest and Saxon. Whomever digs the old tunes and melodies of that awesome period, will surly aim to grab Metal Slave, Mean Streak’s debut creation under Black Lodge Records.

In comparison to other band’s mentioned above in the Swedish Heavy / Power Metal scene , Mean Streak made sure they won’t let their music step into other Heavy Metal scenes beyond the English district. The other bands inflict their music with other countries’ Heavy Metal such as Germany for example and in addition, add lots of Power Metal affiliations to their material.

Another fact about Mean Streak’s material is that in contrast to Enforcer and Helvetets Port, the sound production is not as old as the one the two bands used on their own albums; on the contrary, Mean Streak chose to use a rather modern and verbose production in order to sound as strong as they could. For this type of job they chose the one and only man in Sweden who can make strong Heavy Metal and that person is no other than Fredrik Nordstrom, Dream Evil’s guitarist. Mean Streak’s Metal Slave , with such a well-built and flawless production, is a true force in Heavy Metal and probably one of the best proofs that old Heavy Metal will never pass on and it’s carving its way back to the hearts of millions of Metalheads worldwide.

Besides the production, there is also the heart of the music, which is Mean Streak’s material. The music on Metal Slave is the sole reason why Traditional Heavy Metal, especially British Metal, is immortal and quoting Judas Priest from “I’m A Rocker” – “…And no one can take that away”. The material , written by the band’s leader, Peter Andersson, is not entirely genuine and there are similar riffs from time to time, however, his music , in the vein of classic Metal, is just amazing and everything in it generates a taste for more. The classic, warm rhythmic melodies, the flaming solos, accurate, heavy and galloping passages of riffs , lead bass similar to the times when bass work was given much attention in the course of melodic rhythms and well done drum beats , with many speeds. Metal Slave, almost on all of its great form , is the basis of why no Metalhead , newcomer or old , won’t forget the genre’s starting point.

Majestic highlights: “Whom The Gods Love Die Young” , “The Seventh Sign” , “Sin City Lights” , “Rock City” , “Carved In Stone” and “Battle Within” , Nevertheless , check out the other tracks which are not written here, you will get your kicks.


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