UNLEASH THE ARCHERS – Behold The Devastation

UNLEASH THE ARCHERS - Behold The Devastation
  • 8.5/10
    UNLEASH THE ARCHERS - Behold The Devastation - 8.5/10


Release date: August 12, 2009

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Here comes the pack of archers so you’d better stay away.

Their mind piercing arrows are poisonous and they will rupture your skull ultimately. However, from this end – it will be perfectly fine. This warning is not totally for everyone of course, just for the Metalheads who wish to bless their ears with some good modern Metal with tons of power and ferocity. The modernized Metalized group presented is Unleash The Archers, a band based in the Canadian borders of Victoria, Vancouver. In the summer of 2009, they made their debut break to the Metal world with their first arrows of Behold The Devastation and boy, it’s devastating indeed.

With lots of energy created by a vigorous set of technical demonstrations, Unleash The Archers based themselves as a rather unique spawn in one of the largest Metal scenes worldwide. By massing the powers of modernized Metal subgenres such as the newer adaptations of Power/Heavy/Thrash Metal, the escapee un-Swedish Melodic Death Metal, American Metalcore and even boasts of unassailable Hard Rock, an interesting new existence was prepared for the Canadian and the worldwide crowds. Unleash The Archers, with their Behold The Devastation, joined the unit of bands that probably their main role is to astonish, not entirely by their wholesome written material, yet with their innovative thinking on how to break, even just for a bit, some of the boundaries created by the universal tradition.

Behold The Devastation was recorded and finalized at OmegaMediaCore Studios, which are based in Richmond, BC. Under the respected hands of producer Jason Martin that made an incredible job on enriching Unleash The Archers with the deadly supremacy they needed to make their addictive pounding sound a worthwhile covenant.

As for what Unleash The Archers have on their new thing, we are talking about a refreshment of almost everything being released day by day. This band attacks just like any other extreme melodic band, yet with the addition of a dazzling, powerful, vocal female leader as their leading asset to the side of intensified, nevertheless with superior taste, growling that brings back memories of the ones heard on “Swedish” bands. These duets and chants are being followed by equally good, melodic and hard to the point riffage of full-blown potency. The stories were told through anger, drama, battlefields and other aspects of myths of Behold The Devastation as it stretched into a new level that will inflict its listeners the yearning for another taste of those arrows.

Highlights: The thrills of the hunt on “Eat What You Kill”, the all fearful “Destroyer”, the contradiction of “The Worthy And The Weak”, the wrath of the bull on the “don’t go bullfighting” of “Tied To A Stag” and coming out of the trash of “The Filth and The Fable”. After this album, Unleash The Archers, with praises, are expected to blow new and even better holes with their next release.


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