TWISTED SISTER – Stay Hungry 25th Anniversary

TWISTED SISTER - Stay Hungry 25th Anniversary
  • 7.5/10
    TWISTED SISTER - Stay Hungry 25th Anniversary - 7.5/10


Rhino Records
Release date: June 30, 2009

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This release is one of those cases where someone could start thinking that years have passed and that he or she has grown up. Indeed, Twisted Sister are proud to count almost three decades of musical activity even though the last full length release was done back in 1987 with Love Is For Suckers. In fact, the last decade the US quintet has been in a quiet hiatus until 2005 when they started getting alive on various stages and festivals across Europe. From that day forward the band released some compilations, live recorded DVDs as well as the controversial A Twisted Christmas. But the reason for this review is the rerelease of the old time classic album Stay Hungry that established the band’s market status after the success of You Can’t Stop Rock ‘N’ Roll.

Before getting into the content of this hearty release it should be pointed out that usually these kinds of albums offer nothing to the fan of the band since they already possess the entire discography. Fortunately, the anniversary edition of Stay Hungry falls completely out of that aforementioned category. It is literally packed with unreleased tracks that most of them are worth listening to more than once.

The album comes as a double CD (and a pink vinyl for all the old-school lovers) with the first containing the remastered edition of Stay Hungry that did not come across as having any major differences from the original. But, all the money goes to the second CD that contains seventeen tracks! Among them is the freshly recorded song “30” that was originally written for the reality series entitled Gone Country. Without being the classic Twisted Sister song, it is groovy with an up-tempo attitude and some very good guitar leads. Of course, Dee Snider’s voice is the one to focus on proving that this charismatic front man still has the singing mojo.

“Death From Above” is an excellent song with an Under The Blade attitude and the trademark US groove. Here Snider sounds more raw (ok, and younger) while the not too polished production adds a killer heaviness to the track. The same heaviness also applies to the faster “This One’s For You” that definitely raises questions whether it was left out from an album. “We’re Coming On” is catchy and thus closer to the Stay Hungry let’s-party-feeling while “Call My Name” follows the lead of “Captain Howdy.”

Rhino Records has also added some demo versions of songs from the original album, a radio spot based on the music of “S.M.F.” and a ‘hidden’ track that has no music but some Smurf sounding talking.

So, is this anniversary edition worth the money? Hell yeah, it is! The bonus material by its own could hold this price since it carries the 80s atmosphere many love to listen to. Let’s just hope that Twisted Sister will have the Stay Hungry spirit (at least some of it) to enter the studio to –why not– record another successful album in the same vein or is this idea like walking on air?


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