DEUTERONOMIUM – Retaliatory Strike

DEUTERONOMIUM - Retaliatory Strike
  • 8/10
    DEUTERONOMIUM - Retaliatory Strike - 8/10


Bullroser Records
Release date: July 1, 2009

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In the midst of 2007, after almost six years without an album (aside from the live DVD release Spelled Live), the diverse Finnish Metallers, Deuteronomium, came back from the dead and worked on a fine comeback album by the name of From The Midst Of Battle. After its release, all went well for the Finns and that rejoinder got some great reviews. Right after From The Midst Of Battle, the guys released, through mid year, yet another fine EP release (available only on vinyl and digital downloads), Retaliatory Strike.

Deuteronomium’s music makes you yearn to inquire what is the band’s direction and through which musical pathway are they following?

Retaliatory Strike runs in the deep margins of Thrash, Heavy and semi-Melodic Death Metal. The band’s diversity shown on the album is profound and most impressive; it is like a joy ride through the modern world of Metal music. Every now and then, there are several Old School riffs within the music, mostly noticeable on their extraordinary choice of the cover track to the US band, The Betrayal – “Retaliatory Strike”. At first glance, Deuteronomium seems like an ordinary modern Thrash Metal band, however everything changes after a couple of listens.

The band’s originals: “Care For The Wounded” , “On A Day Of Discouragement” and “Of Life And… Death” appear to be different from one another as they present dissimilar sides of its creators. The first one is like a cry for help, yet with melodies of Old School Gothenburg style Death Metal and punch like kicks. Following behind is the third number that is more straightforward and tougher than the previous one with immense chops and trills that more resemble Melodic Black Metal. Yet, this one will amaze you as it crosses into some major harmonic moments. Coming on to the latter, it’s back to a Thrash / Death like aura with a brutal force in sight.

Retaliatory Strike made it through as an interesting and pleasurable release for the open minded and for true Metal fans of both old and new corners. After a successful album, Deuteronomium keeps up the pace with good spark in a bright future.


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