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    PRETTY WILD - All The Way - 9.5/10


Swedmetal Records
Release date: May 15, 2009

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This album, All The Way, and Pretty Wild themselves are definite proof that good formulas, when put to good use, never die. The catchiness of the lyrics, the streams of cool Glam Metal music are these guys’ weapons in their fight to be one of the biggest acts in Glam Metal. The fight is hard because of the fact that in their country of origin, Sweden, Glam Metal winds up being on top of the market and more than a handful of bands began walking the same fine line that was originated in the Sunset Strip, L.A, USA back in the late 1980s.

Since 2007 Pretty Wild have been rocking and having tons of fun. Their new album, All The Way, is another addition to an apparently, building Swedish Glam scene. On the first listen, you would probably say that you heard it all before and you’re right, it’s all been heard before. However, after you spin this one, more than once, you will be out rocking and beering yourself until you puke.

The album itself is an easy listen, not too many complications or articulate compositions, just plain old Glam Metal fun in the sun that is highly influenced by Motley Crue. Well you can say that this old foursome affected the entire Swedish scene, but not all of the Swedish bands preserved the Crue’s way. While Crashdiet and Gemini Five went to the rougher sound and beats of Glam, Pretty Wild departs from the rawness of Modern Glam. They chose to remain under the traditional American Glam Metal banner, thus creating their music accordingly, which is somewhat sleazy , melodic with an aura or feel of the good young life. Nevertheless their sound is heavy and melodic as many in the Swedish scene, yet they pose on touches of Motley’s 80s era (i.e. Girls, Girls, Girls and Dr. Feelgood).

Without a doubt this album , brought to you by the Swedish label Swedmetal Records, who also had Crazy Lixx and 220 Volts under their belt and still has Loud N’ Nasty, in its whole is a megahit. It is composed of 6 original tracks, an utterly wonderful acoustic version of one of the top songs in this release – “Let The Good Times Roll” and a live version , from L.A , of their also cool song , “Dangerous”. So go out and check “Take It Off” , “All The Way” , “Time” and rest of this hairsprayed , headbanging barrage of good times.


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